Saturday, January 30, 2010

at last!

mister moo and i had reason to do the 'happy happy joy joy' dance the other day;let me introduce you to the origin of our joy... the prettiest sight... which closes up and starts the process of becoming a fruit
we have been in this house for almost 3 years. we planted a passion fruit vine, when we first moved in, which did not fruit but was a tremendous vine to look at. after almost 2 years we decided that we had the only non flowering vine in the universe and ripped it out and planted 2 more vines... just when all hope was gone along came this baby...
i almost cried with excitement which we had to conceal cause if Claudia got wind of it she would pull the flower right off in an instant. we have a funny feeling that it flowered because of all the recent rain..we didn't water the first vine a whole lot due to water restrictions so perhaps in a way it was our fault it didn't fruit. anyhow, since these photos were taken we have discovered at least 3 more flowers so now i guess we have to wait to see what they taste like!! what an exciting discovery and of course a great feeling to eat you own produce. our garden seems to be busy at the moment. although i haven't seen any bees, there always seems to be a beautiful butterfly in our yard
the rain has made the ants find refuge in our wooden gate. i freaked when i saw this! it was like an anthill in our lattice work. the white dots are eggs. i sprayed them all, which i felt bad about but i had no other choice.
and then with all of the rain i found this little fella in the wrong spot
a green tree frog! so small and so cute and bloody fast! before i got the chance to zoom in he was off. the only problem with this weather is the fleas!! as soon as we walk outside we find ourselves being attacked by the little critters. i am trying my hardest to monitor everyone as they walk in the house because i DO NOT want them in my house! i dont know where they come from or how to get rid of them either...
the vine resides in my favourite garden
ignore the crap in the background, mister needs to do a dump run @_@
it isn't much to look at but it holds lots of good memories and feelings for me. i call it my rock garden as this is where the girls place all of their painted rocks.
this is on the side but you can see how cute it is.
it is also where my lavender bush grows. it was a parting gift from my sister Anita before she left to go back to London. i have recently pruned it to within an inch of its life. have no clue what i am doing but i do love the scent if offers and the fact that when i smell it it reminds me of my Sweet sister.
it is also home to some strawberries, basil and chives. i love that it is over grown with a ground cover and the stepping stones are hard to spot. the girls have also added other items as have i...fairies, lady beetles, dragonflies and various other statues. it is also the garden which houses 'Andrea's flower' we planted it when we first found out that she had cancer. the day it bloomed i knew that she would beat it and soon after we got the good news that she had the all clear.
which brings me to my last point...micks younger brother has cancer...he first found he had cancer in his knee 2 years ago which they removed but advised him that because it was so rare that if it ever returned they would not be able to help him...we have just been given the news that his lungs have many tumors and that he only has months to live...
each time i say that i start to could it be? it doesn't seem real...he cant die, he is only 32, he has a small child, a young wife a whole life ahead of him...
so this is what i am going to do...i am going to dig a hole place one of the fairy wishes Anita made over a year ago and hope to see it bloom....
your prayers would be much appreciated. i will start the novina for paddy and another dear friend Trev tonight and hope that a miracle happens.
thanks for your support, without this blog and the friendships i have formed life would be a lonely.


  1. Awwww hunni, i'm crying for you, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I can't begin to imagine the pain you're all feeling.
    Such a lovely idea to plant one of the fairy wishes.

    Huge ((hugs)) my dear friend
    Beki xxx

  2. It's nice to see you posting again. So sorry to hear of the sad news of Mick's younger brother. So hard to understand how cancer comes along and affects so many people. Your yard is lovely and how fantastic that the passion fruit is blooming and producing. I have tomatoes that are ripening right now. Your little clothespin designs are sweet too. They definitely need two legs showing however you do them. Good luck getting more done. Keeping you and yours in thoughts and prayers. Blessings, Tammy

  3. Oh I'm so sorry about your bil. I will add him and your whole family to my prayers.

  4. Oh gorgeous girl, I am praying right along with you and sending fiary thoughts too if they help. How cruel that life can produce such beautiful things like passion flowers and butterflies and then on the complete other end of the spectrum Cancer and other nasties we shall not talk about.
    Lets look at the latter as the wicked witch in your lifes fairytale, which must have a happy ending because that's what fairytales are all about. Be gone wicked witch!
    Remember we are here for you if ever you need back up witch killers.
    Kiss Noises and Hugs

  5. That is gorgeous Rosey,I think the little frog is just to cute.LOL

    I surely will keep your husbands brother in my prayers.Yes hes very young I thought my husband was young he was 46,he had esophageal cancer and when thats diagnosed its usually near the end...2months later he died.Smile through the hardships Rosey it keeps you strong.God Bless!

  6. Cancer is an evil disease,The only good is that treatments have come aong in leaps and bounds.
    Prayers with your BIL.
    I love passionfruit and my Mum used to have one loaded with fruit!
    How I wish we lived closer Rosey!

  7. I too am thinking of you and praying in my own way for your bil and his family X

  8. What a beautiful, beautiful garden - things blooming, frogs jumping, BUTTERFLIES! -
    and then the horribly tragic news, I'm so sorry for you. Hope they are all wrong, hope he can make it. Cancer in his KNEE?!

    All my so-called problems are hereby gone.
    Thank you for reminding me about arnica - duh! I even have a bottle but didn't even think about it. And I grew up in a health food shop.

  9. Hi Rosie, I will be praying for a miracle for your BIL. All things are possible with God.

  10. Oh what terrible news. I feel for you all, having been affected by cancer myself, and in my family too. I will send out good wishes and thoughts for him. How awful. There are no adequate words. Big hugs to you. suzie xxx

  11. Oh Rosey I'm so sorry , thinking of you .xxx

  12. Oh my! Rosey! I was smiling reading through your post, and yes, I'm afraid of all kind of frogs, big or little, but that matter aside, I put myself into tear hearing about your brother and his family!

    I have lost 2 friends because of cancer, one was 18 when she passed away and the other was 22. I guess you never too young for the disease. I pray for your brother and all his family, I know I can't comfort you enough, but be strong, dearie. That's what he needs you to be.

  13. I'm so sorry for the terrible news of your brother-in-law Rosey. I really do hope that a miracle happens. It really does put life into perspective.