Thursday, June 3, 2010

little pieces of whimsy

whimsical ~ adjective ~ whimsy ~ noun ~
1. having fanciful or odd ideas.
2. quaint or quaintly funny.
i have taken a little break from stitching to work on some pieces that involve me stepping out of my comfort zone... thanks to kerryanne from shabby art boutique i will be stepping out in many other mediums too as i embark on her online art course. i was one of the lucky few chosen to come along on this very exciting journey. it is amazing to read a professional artists thoughts and explanations of creativity and i just know that i am ready and ripe for this sort of exercise..if only i can find the time to block my family out :)
anyhow, on the weekend we visited dayboro day and i thrifted a group of miniature glass bottles. i loved how they were dirty and ready to be re purposed back into life. i should have taken a before shot, but anyhoo here they are after their whimsical makeover
i am thinking of popping them out on the table of my next market day, the 13th of June, to gauge the interest from our customers.
paper flowers, lace and glitter... glitter, lace and fabric flowers they are really quite glittery and small enough to hold in your palm. and the next piece i am working on has been in the pipe lines since the bear and doll show back in march...
i salvaged a little jam jar and made a toadstool out of a Styrofoam ball. i bought 2 little deers at the show and knew that they were destined to be in a terrarium of some sort. i just have to get busy with the glue gun again at some stage today and have this piece ready for the markets as well. someone mentioned this one would be perfect for Christmas in July... my market buddy and i are having a special market day dedicated to Christmas in July, Christmas tree and all. stay tuned for more information, should be fun!
i know that what i have created here has no purpose whatsoever other than looking pretty and that there are many people out there who think that it is rubbish but i just want to know what people think.
so what are your thoughts on whimsy or kitsch items? are you attracted to them? do you want to buy them the moment you see them? are my items cute enough to be on my table at the markets? i would really love to hear from you.
well i have had my hour on the computer this morning, best go and fold some washing and finish cleaning that last pedestal fan so that it can be put away for the winter.
enjoy what is left of the week.
p.s. cant believe that it is JUNE!!!
pp.s. each of the pieces of whimsy will be added to my shop too, so you could grab a piece of lovely for yourself or convo me straight away. smaller bottle $3.50, larger bottle $4 and deer in jar $6
ppp.s. are those prices too much? silly question but it is good to get the opinion of the public :)


  1. Oh Cute! I think our ideas are sweet,We all need alittle whimsy in our life1
    And anything with a toadstool does it for me:)
    And how lucky were you to be a winner of Ms Kerryannes giveaway!!!!

  2. Those would look great sitting on top of a bookshelf in someone's home along with their other shabby chic stuff :)

    And the deer is soooooo cute!


  3. Hi Sweet Rosey,
    Ooohhh Sweetie, adorable .. you are being soo creative, and thinking of soo many wonderful creations .. Truly beautiful as always .. I can tell you've been quite the busy girlie once again !! Here's wishing you a wonderful rest of your week ~
    Hugs ~tea~ xo

  4. Those bottles are very pretty! I'm sure they will sell!

  5. These bottles are absolutely lovely!

  6. Aah yes I was going to say exactly the same as Kylie Cupcakes...we all need whimsy in our life and I think yes put them on your table, they might just hit the right note with someone and that is an awesome feeling! Making something someone else loves!
    Goodnes girl, how lucky are you!! Honestly I have never ever known anyone as lucky as you!
    I am thrilled to see your new creations and you new 'free spirit' creative side!
    Love to the girls, see you soon?
    Kiss Noises Linda

  7. 偉大的致富萬能之鑰,正是幫你充分掌握自己心志所必須的自律自制........................................

  8. Hi Rosey! Oh, how I miss you! And by the time I got here you have made like dozens of sweet things!

    ps. Can believe it's June too, meaning only 6 more months to Christmas.

  9. Hi! Just found your blog! These bottles are great! Drop over to my blog sometime! Sandra