Friday, September 3, 2010

little bit of eyecandy for ya...

it is amazing what i can achieve if i don't turn the computer on..i seem to get distracted by all the social networks and am seriously thinking about removing myself from them altogether and concentrate on my blogs and REAL life!
anyhow after making my brooch board i decide to keep that momentum going and i crafted this gorgeous piece of whimsy...
this started life as an empty white cage... and now it is a romantic gift for someone you love or YOURSELF! i just love it and cant wait to hang it over our display this Sunday or from a tree out on our lawn.
and here is a sneak peek of my stitchery...
we are going for a french inspired theme for one of our display tables, i will show you the end product which i hope to have finished by tonight so that i can get a few daddy type things made up... maybe gift tags?
well i best be off, the more time i spend here means less time on my crafting!
au revoir


  1. Gorgeous! So whimsical and girly!!!
    I too only blog as I just spend enough time with just that! No FB or twitter...Just Blogs and everything else i must do in real life keeps me soooo busy!
    I seem to always be playing catch up!

  2. Love it!
    I'm looking out for one to put in my bedroom, not sure what i'll do with it when I find one though lol!

    ((hugs)) to you all

    B xxx