Friday, September 17, 2010

do you see what i see revisited

hello folks, isn't it amazing how we see things differently...? for the longest time when i looked at a full moon i could see a rabbit, to me it was the head of a rabbit until i asked someone else if they could see a rabbit...
ME: do you see that rabbit in the full moon?

PERSON: yes there it is hopping on all fours...

ME: what?! oh wow yes i see it now!

now i find it hard to see the head of the rabbit anymore...

and the same can be said for my last post...i wasn't expecting to see anything else than this...

but to my amazement i can now see this

and it is hard to go back to just seeing the Rapunzel style lady on the rim of my cup...
thanks to all those who played along...and just on a random whim i put all of your names into a draw and pulled out Lee of ArtfuLee Designed. Lee if you send me your address i will post you something small for having some fun with me.

before i go, can you guess what this weeks theme is out at coutts cottage? here I'll give you a hint.

have a great weekend



  1. thanks so much rosey, I am grateful and I loved playing along:)
    My guess today is birds, bird cages.

  2. Um...... budgie's :-)
    I always see the rabbit in the moon. :-)
    He is still there :-) x x x

  3. I will have to look for the rabbit in the moon but he may not be visible from this side (here in Christchurch, New Zealand that is).

  4. There is always a rabbit on my moon! Thanks for your name suggestion on my blog, I love the name Pip! When I was a child we had a Jack Russell named Pippin. Susie xxx