Sunday, January 16, 2011

finally finished some red work stitching!

oh boy am i excited to show you a piece i have been working on for ages...not that it would take me ages if i actually sat down and worked on it for any length of time, but as i only picked it up every now and then it has been a work in progress for far too long.
it is a one off from a design in a gorgeous book i picked up in montville titled 'made in France' it has stunning stitching and embroidery designs and these little dolls just happened to be perfect for this little cotton dress.
i stitched a little crocheted doily 'flower' to the sleeve to add a bit more old world charm to this cotton dress. here it is hanging on the cream walls of Coutts Cottage where our little shop ' Lilly Cottage and Friends' resides. it is a small size 7 (Claudia is modelling it and she is 4 and a half years old) and if it takes your fancy it is $30. it would even be nice as a display in a room rather than being worn.
i must have been a red mood. this little charm is ready to hitch a ride on someones bag ~_~
and here are some cute little cupcakes made by the lovely Linda.
i love these fabric panels that have been used to create pillows and lavender sachets.
it has been a joy to work out at the cottage but i have been rather slow at producing anything at the moment. for me having a household of children (and hubby) on holidays means that my production level is severely hampered and working night shift has been getting in the way as well (4 shifts this week) i need to set myself realistic goals, write them down, and stick to them. i know that we are co-op at the cottage but i shouldn't be leaving it to the others to 'fill' the shop plus the more i make that more i make...if you know what i mean.
anyhow one lovely distraction is catching up with friends and family and on a recent visit to my fathers place my sister had made mini friands for us to share which we did with another of my sisters and her daughter.
i was trying to take a creative picture...mmmmm blueberry, strawberry and passion fruit....
this little tea cup made a better prop.
anyhow, now that the sun is shining and the floods are receding we look forward to a prosperous shabby new year.
xx rosey

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  1. Hi Rosey, I love your red work and the beautiful dress, thank you for your wonderful email last week about the floods we where hi and dry just could not beleive the flood water over the petrie bridge and under the train bridge it is just two streets from us. I love the little tool box my husband has made many before just not for me. have a beautiful Evening Lisa