Thursday, February 3, 2011

curious collection

i don't know about you, but i seem to be drawn to miniature things and usually gasp when i see a little glass lidded box holding tiny treasures inside. over a year ago i bought a glass lidded box and started to fill it with little collectables and added to it every now and then. just recently as i was adding to my box, i realised that now that i share a retail space with Linda and Renata we could be one of those shops that have one of those boxes. so...
here it is ready to be taken out to our little cottage
i made those lockets, very sweet indeed. and the pill boxes are so small and so sweet.
i loved making the lockets and i filled the little bottles with alice in wonderland themed charms
sheet music rolled into this bottle...*swoon*
this little case will live out at the cottage and i will enjoy watching those people, who like me, make a bee line straight for it :)
do you like these sorts of curious collections or am i the only one? i am always on the look out for small and quirky items. what do you love to collect?
wishing you a safe second half of the week and hoping that mother nature settles down.


  1. I LOVE this!!! As you probably know- I adore all things tiny and I would be the customer that would be-line for this box :)

  2. PS- I love, love, love that little deer!!!

  3. I'm not surprised to see comments from my friend Kim. She is a miniature artist! I love all your "little" goodies.

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE your treasures!! Are they glued to the box? so when you hang the box on the wall or put it on a shelf they won't go down?

  5. How did this post slip past me Rosey? I love your little minatures, I still have a minature tea set that belonged to my grandmother. It brings back such happy memories. I think I need one of these boxes to store my treasures