Wednesday, July 18, 2012

let them eat cake!

3 cakes in fact!  Marie Antoinette would have been impressed with our party ~_~  let me explain... my youngest daughter Claudia turned 6 a couple of weeks ago and then a few days later my sister had her birthday and prior to all of this my eldest sister had her birthday, way back in June... are you still with me?? hence the need for 3 cakes, but really who needs a reason to eat cake?

our little chatter box had a lovely day, opening presents on our bed (our little ritual)

the wii is the best thing ever, so much fun and good for your hand eye coordination...which i have little of apparently.

our little ham is such a tom boy...she loves this little car track. maybe one day we will buy her a slot car set.

and then on the flip side she so desperately wanted this doll. one of those ones that wees and can even make it cry by squeezing it's arm but we cant bring ourselves to do it as it seems too cruel (we are crazy i tell ya) anyhow, she chose to have fish and chips at our favourite seafood place at sandgate and we ended the night with lots of sweet treats.
a few days later we had a party to celebrate the 3 birthday girls. so much fun!

i had no idea how i was going to decorate her cake but i knew it had to have little bunting flags on it. i had too much fun making those tiny bunting flags, i just want to make a whole bunch of them!
then next morning i went shopping for party supplies and spotted some fairy floss which became the inspiration for how my cake would come together. 

since i am not a cake decorator, i leave that for my fabulous sister Anita aka bloomin' scrumptious i decided to use little toys that the girls adore and popped a doily down as a picnic rug. the fairy floss acted as a cloud for her to sit upon. what do you think?  do you like it?

before we cut the cake we had a tea party of sorts

sitting around and chatting

playing and generally being cute ~_~

bashing the hell out of some ugly mermaid!

safety is paramount, all behind the imaginary line.

and then a free for all when the booty falls to the ground! so much fun.

Claudia was delighted with her cake, phew.

i must admit i am happy with how it looked too. (note, the fairy floss looks different to the first picture...don't put the fairy floss on until the last second, it disintegrates!)

all that was left to do was blow the candles out

and eat more cake! one chocolate and one orange and almond (gluten and dairy free) tasty!!!

i love parties and i love my little girl. even though she is loud, and dangerous and talks a lot she lights up our world and makes us laugh everyday. 

hope you get to eat cake this week...
p.s. whoa what a long blog!! picture overload ~_~


  1. happy birthday to your little angel! i lover her super duper cute lalaloopsy cake!

  2. Hi Rosey !!
    What a wonderful birthday celebration for your sweets !! Everything looks so FuN !! The cake is sooo sweet !! Great Job Momma !! That memrmaid .... what a crack up !! Your babies are sooo beautiful !! Getting so BiG !!!Where does the time go !!

    Soo happy you stopped in to say hello !! You taught me something !! I am STILL figuring this ALL out again .. Figure by the time I have it ALL down pat, it will CHANGE up again !! uuuuggghhh ...

    Hoping you are enjoying your day, have a wonderful rest of your week sweet one ~
    Huggers ~Tanza~ xo

  3. What a creative idea for a cake. I love it! Thank you for sharing.