Sunday, July 29, 2012

tea party time

time for a tea party, a mad one of course...
unpack your bags

and grab a tea cup

then grab a seat infront of a tea pot

oh no the cake plate is empty!! waitress, oh waitress where is my cake?

here she is ready to fill up our empty plates with lots of sweet treats

thank you, what a lovely party. but where is alice? where could she be? 
i was told a little bird knows where she just have to find the bird ~_~

although this is pretty it isnt a bird...

oh little bird there you are!  where oh where is alice? i want to share a cup of tea and a treat with her before i have to head home. 

alice oh alice is that really you? sit down with me and tell me about your adventures down the rabbit hole.

what a great tea party it has been..i am feeling very tired. i might go lie down after a i visit a few more parties...

thank you for visiting my tea party...i didnt register with a fanciful twists tea party but i couldnt help but play along.  she has so much fun each year and each year i find myself unable to resist.  this years party was only possible thanks to the lovely linda from lilly cottage who held an actual tea party with real people and real food! linda is the queen of tea parties, you really must pop over to her blog to see all of her pictures.

better go and tell vanessa that i decided to play along after all...


  1. Oh! There you are, lovely lovely!!! I am so glad you jumped in, sooooo wonderful!! What delightments you share! Look at those suitcases, and that tulle, swoooon!! ;)

    Happiest mad tea partying to you!! xoxo

  2. Lovely tea party and I love your green tea pot, such lovely colours.

  3. How lovely! I love your teacups and that pretty teapot! Thank you for inviting me to your tea party. : )

  4. Thanks for inviting me to your sweet tea party-come see me at Stampinmamas place

  5. Oh thank you for deciding to have a Mad Tea Party after all...and thank you for inviting me...I'm not too late, am I? I've had a wonder-ful time.

  6. A lovely tea party indeed! Thank you for having me!

  7. Love your Alice Doll!! Thanks for the invitation!

    Do stop by and enjoy my party and enjoy photos, art, dolls and a giveaway too!♥-2012/

  8. Oh, what lovely tea things you have. The cake stand and the tea pot, just glorious!
    I saw Linda's tea party. Didn't it look like fun? Thank you for inviting me!

  9. What a sweet celebration! I especially love the adorable birdie. Thanks for sharing!

  10. called in :-) TO say hi :-) and try .....TRY to catch up with you :-) X X X