Friday, July 13, 2012

perfect weather to be sick...

rain rain rain...what a wet week we are having.  what a wet few weeks we have had...the very first day of school holidays saw rain that stayed long enough to drive us all stir crazy and at the first sign of sunshine we raced outside to marvel at the blue sky. 

our whole house fell like a game of dominos with the flu.  while we didnt get it diagnosed it was certainly more than the average head cold. poor old lili had to have a 9 day course of steroids to help with her asthma and even the man of the house was taken down with a temp of 38.5 degrees...not man flu as i first suspected ~_~

even my atempt at stopping the germs didnt work :) i am still coughing 2 weeks later! very nasty strain this one. anyhow while we were stuck inside each of the girls baked a sweet treat on a different day, we certainly ate well while we were sick!

on the day that the sun shined, claudia had just finished baking one of our favourite chocolate slices...yum! look who else came out to play...

yes there were quite a few of these little fellows around.

claudia thought it might like some of our slice...
it was so nice to get out of the house and play in the sun, i hate the musty smell that comes after days and days of rain. 

the cat loved getting out into the sun too, isnt she pretty! our middle child has been given the nickname of pussicatti and here she is with her favourite puss.

so cute, i love to cuddle them both!
the eldest of my girls seemed to be hit the hardest, she spent at least 4 days in bed and at least a week or more after that to get better. bronchitis hit her hard, lucky we could sleep in everyday and the rain really made it easy to stay in bed.

she couldnt wait to get out into the sunshine too, isnt she beautiful!  growing up so fast ~_~

we couldnt have asked for a nicer afternoon.  we ate our slice, drank our coffee and enjoyed the sunshine while the girls played.

simple things make me so happy. (actual violets, the type that smell are growing in my garden...swoon)

now i am saying lots of prayers that the rain goes that we can enjoy some family time out in the sun once more.



  1. Hi Rosey, nice to see that despite all the sniffles you are all looking very happy.... and the girls seem to be growing up so quickly too!
    Hope you have a sunny weekend, love trixi

  2. thanks trixi, my middle child is almost as tall as my eldest! they are the loves of my life, so lucky!