Tuesday, July 7, 2009

drumroll please...

thanks for all of your suggestions for naming the littlest soggibottom bear. i decided on GORDON...apart from being a great name it is also the family name of my mothers sister, who from memory lived in Ramsay street, get it Gordon Ramsay?? (thanks Teresa)


  1. Hi Rosey,
    Soo happy you came up with a name for your lil' guy !! Gordon is the perfect name for this sweet guy !! Hope your day is a "rosey" one !! hugs ~tea~xo

  2. What a daring creation, perfect anem ... TTFN ~Marydon

  3. I love the name Gordon. I have a cousin named Gordon

  4. Gordon is a darling name! I'm so pleased to have introduced you to Michele. I didn't know she would send you a friend to go along with Montgomery but that is just how sweet and generous she is. Hooray for Blog Friends! xo

  5. Oh yes,
    Gordon sounds just right for this little guy.

  6. Rosey.........your ace!!!

    Now I know why we are getting visitors from oz.

    Your bears look as if they had a good flight down there down in the cargo hold. Must be the place to travel. They looked just as they did when they left Soggibottom x x x x

  7. Oh yay!!! He looks like a Gordon!!! Love love love it. ;)
    ♥ Teresa

  8. My my!! Look what I missed!! A house full of Teddies!! English Teddies!! Couldn't be any better now!! :D :D Send my warmest regard to your new gentleman, Gordon, I love his looks.

  9. um... sorry babalisme.... this is a felted english ted.... but um.... Soggibottom really makes mohair ones... sorry rosey!

    Hopefully soon I will blog a ted patten, it will be a FREE one and you can make your own Soggibottom bear.
    x x x

    Ladies thank you for all your comments on the Soggibottom bears

    Rosey was a worthy winner. x x x TALENTED WINNER X X X

  10. What a great name for a bear one he can really grow into. Many thanks for your lovely comment and I really look forward to hearing all about your tuckshop adventures later on during the year.

    I have to ask weart did you find those amazing babushka showercaps - I have a slightly obssessed (with all things babushka) 40 year old about to have a birthday and this would be a perfect present for her.

    many thanks