Sunday, July 5, 2009

i have a beary soggibottom :)

yes folks, that is a good thing to have!!
a little while ago bunny introduced me to a blog called soggibottom. the very first visit i took led me to her giveaway. now not expecting to win, i answered her question of what name would i give to the gorgeous bear if i were to win him. the first name that popped into my head was Montgomery. i went on my merry way, to be honest i forgot about it altogether, you can imagine my surprise and excitement when Michelle told me the good news.
a little while later this arrived on our doorstep and inside were these TWO sweeter than sweet bears.
a gorgeous hand written note and not one but two bears. i was not expecting the smaller bear and as of yet have not named him...i would like it to be an English type name like Rupert. maybe you have some suggestions??
anyhow these two have been having some fun hanging out with some of our hand made friends.
they generally live on the hutch but here they are enjoying a spot of sun...
getting a little nostalgic for home.... which is soon replaced by fun and laughter with some of the gang from the hutch.
oh yes it is easy to imagine the adventures these guys get up to after midnight :0)
thanks again Michelle these fellas are truly loved and will forever be in our care.
do yourself a favour and follow the links to these two fantastic blogs, you will not be sorry.
right now i am going to take my fighting trio to a park as they seem to be going STIR CRAZY!! smooches rosey
p.s. what name should i give the smaller bear??


  1. Those are soooo sweet, and what a sweet surprise, Rupert is a cute name, he looks like a Rupert, or a Gordon. lol!!
    ♥ Teresa

  2. Yep, he looks like a Rupert to me too. Congrats on winning the naming contest!

  3. Two too cute!
    Lucky you...
    I think A big Name for a small bear is neccessary...I think he looks very much like a Sebastian bear...

  4. So cute , lucky you ! Rupert , Edward or Charles .

  5. Fantastic, lucky you!!! But, I really want that red telephone tin of yours! I collect anything red telephone boxy! Love it!

  6. Honest to godness, you are THE LUCKIEST person I know! What a spectacular prize!!!
    I am soo jealous, but jealousy is a curse so I will just be really happy for you!
    I don't know for names, Windsor, Winston, Harry B ( Harry Bear of Wales) as opposed to Harry P ( Harry Prince of Wales), Sebastion,Charlie, Henry, Jeremia...oh no he was a, Giles, James, Edward, William ( Wills)...oh too many...I do like Harry B though being the younger brother and all...hehehe amused ones self..
    Kiss Noises Linda

  7. Hello again, I just wanted to pop over and tell you how easy the clothespins are. First, just take them apart and paint them whatever color your heart desires, then you want to cut out whatever fabric you want to use, just two little strips and coat the clothespin surface with Mod Podge (if you don't have that available, I'm sure there are other brands) it's just a decoupage glue that dries clear. After you coat the surface, just place your fabric strips where you want them (they will stick in place) and then just brush the Mod Podge over the fabric, right over the whole surface of the clothespin, fabric included (I put a couple of coats), let it dry and you're done. It's that easy, and fun!!! ;) Let me know if you give it a try, I'd love to see!!! They're very fun to make!
    ♥ Teresa

  8. Thanks Rosey.....
    All the trouble you have taken to blog the guys.
    Pleased they have such great company.

    Michele x x x

  9. I love your soggibottom bears!!

  10. Oh, how cute. Congratulations on your win.

  11. My first thought was to name him Alabama because Montgomery is the capitol of the State:) hmmmm.... The duo are ADORABLE!