Wednesday, July 29, 2009

my creative space

i have been lurking around many blogs peeking in at their 'creative spaces' and decided to post about mine. i am busy stitching up an order of 15 brooches and have had to put aside a request from a close friend, which is good because i cant decide which colour to go with. maybe you can help.....
here are some of my girls ready for faces and embellishments and then i have to fill them and back oh my i better get cracking!!
and here is what is causing my dilemma...
do i go with the plain blue on the left or the cream and greens on the right???
i have had a request for a boyish type babushka and since i mainly deal with pinks and roses etc.. this has been quite hard...
i am leaning toward the green and maybe finding a less bright green felt. what do you think? the blue is nice and the front piece is as boyish as i could find, sort of a paisley, frondy type pattern on the material. choosing colours for another person would have to be THE hardest thing about making presents :)
anyhow there you have it, busy teacher and mother who just wants to stitch instead. enjoy the rest of your week
%*_*% rosey


  1. You are the busy one...15 brooches,How great is that!
    I am glad I don't feed my Family on the $$ I make from cupcakes....We'd sure be hungry! lol!
    The boy inspired Bab dolls will be Interesting,Make sure to show us:)
    Happy Stitching

  2. That's awesome. You have been very busy.

  3. Boyish babushkas? mmm...I have never seen one, but it's a good try, I don't know but nautical theme seems a good fit for boys.

  4. WOW!! They're looking incredible, and congrats on the order!!! That's great.
    ♥ Teresa

  5. I like the blue with the bird print

  6. Hi Rosey,
    Oh, they are soo cute.
    As for the boy theme, i'd go the light denim look or darker.