Sunday, July 12, 2009

almost ready to post

i have been working on my christening present for baby Adelaide, i wasn't happy with my first attempt
remember this lop sided head and body disaster...
but my second is coming along much better. i took my time with the machine sewing stage and she isn't as lop sided.
i had to use a different backing fabric and one side is still not right but overall she is much better.
i am not happy with the base and would change that next time but overall i think that Darren and Sarena will be happy with it.
i used one of the gorgeous crocheted flowers that i received in a Valentine swap from seashells and silver (thanks Kimberley) she bought them from this etsy shop ~ ~
and i personalized this babushka, all that is left to do is hunt down the red ribbon for her front and sides. i couldn't understand how to put the ribbons in before i sewed her shut so i will do it differently. (i put bells on my first one and they are just as sweet)
i will be back with a final photo, i would like to have her finished tonight as i start back at work tomorrow and need to concentrate on the term ahead.
smooches to you all and enjoy your week.


  1. She's gorgeous, sure to become a family heirloom

  2. what a yummy sweet little doll! excellent work rosey! xoxo

  3. That's very sweet.

  4. She's adorable, of course I liked the first one too, but she is beautiful!!! Great job!!
    ♥ Teresa

  5. oh i forgot to say that she is from a one red robin pattern, visit her blog for more stunning softies.

  6. Who said there's anything wrong with lop-sided?

  7. Looks good to me Rosey..
    We all know tiddlers don't focus that well anyway........

    It is beautiful, go on let it go.... GIVE X X X

  8. Yup, really nice job, as usual.

  9. Aww Rosey, she is fantastic! You couldn't make her cuter than she already is. I know that special little girl will love it. xoxoxo

  10. Hi Rosey,
    Ooohhh of course I have room for you.. Even lots of icecream !! I LoVe your lil' dolly.. Your cute things always make me giggle !! Thanks for dropping by.. Have a good day..
    huggers ~tea~xo