Friday, August 14, 2009

all wrapped up

do you know what this means?
yes i finally finished the request for a boyish babushka. actually they dont take that long to make and as this is the 4th one i have attempted, i almost have it down pat. the problem for me is that i get interrupted ALL the time by life :)
i usually do all my cutting at night when the little one is asleep. i find i can stitch when she is awake now but cutting needs more attention. i added the ribbons and procrastinated about using the sewing machine to stitch up the backing fabric. i changed the shape of the eyes and didn't add cheeks to try and make it look more like a boy. lovely colours aren't they?
this is a one red robin pattern that i have altered slightly. do yourself a favour and check out jho's blog. the best thing about blogging is that you get to communicate with like minded, smarter than you are, more creative than you are people. and those such people suggested buttons on the side so i bought a fraction larger green button and added them last night.
and because you are my friends and you wont laugh or judge me i am going to show you the worst part of this doll...(apart from the bottom ribbon didn't end up even)
yep that is my sorry attempt at slip stitching ( i think that is what it is called). i haven't really been shown how to do it yet and i tried my hardest but i just couldn't get it. anyhow it is at the back and as long as the doll always faces the front no one will know. if you wish to teach me go right ahead:)
now that i have finished this job i am going to work on stocking my etsy shop. it is bare, not that i expect a rush on sales but i did start this blog with the purpose of trying to get my products out into the world:) happy weekend


  1. It looks great. nobody can really make invisible slip stitching so don't worry about it.

  2. He is lovely...So are you Rosey.
    I love your down to earthy-ness...
    Makes me feel at home:)

  3. awwww he's toooo sweet! :) I must get around to buying this pattern this month!

  4. Hi Rosey, thanks so much for your lovely comments just let me know anytime you would like to look at anything from the shop as I have it all at home now, I am loving my hair its so much lighter. Hope you have a beautiful weekend Lisa.

    P.S. send your email address to me I would love to post a little something to you

  5. You can always put some trim over any stitching you don't like! Does this mean you'll be changing your blog name to i cant slipstitch? Looking forward to seeing your weekend sewing projects.

  6. Rosey you did an awesome job. He looks fantastic!

    Thanks also for supporting my giveaway.

  7. Hey Rosey! You've been tagged on my blog, it would be super cool if you played a long! thanks