Saturday, August 1, 2009

ready for step four

i popped in a DVD of Seinfeld and finished off all of the fronts of my is choosing matching fabric day and attaching brooches to the backs. i would like to be working on them all day but children get in the way of progress :)
anyhow here is a peek at all of 'my girls'.
9 babushkas all in a row...
three with eyes closed and a smile...
three with eyes closed and singing a lullaby...
and three wide awake and happy to be alive!
i will finish them all off with a white bow.
hi ho hi ho a stitching i will go...
mmwwaaahh rosey
p.s. i will have to do a post about the green background, it is actually an old high chair i picked up at a garage sale. yes someone painted it that colour on purpose!!! it will look great once i shabby it up.


  1. Their little faces ARE angelic, I just love looking at them. You are soo very talented. (I am so drawn to that little pink one with the flower) ;)
    ♥ Teresa

  2. Your babushkas are so sweet and they look even more impressive when they're enlarged!

  3. Lovely little babushkas! I love them all!

  4. They really are so cute!
    You can see how much you enjoy making them,It seems to come out in your work.
    I love seinfeld too!

  5. Rosey, Thank you for sending prayers in Amy and the families names. I so love you for that. We need every single on that we can get. I have still heard nothing. I continue to wait for the family to call as soon as they hear anything. I will post as soon as I know something. I thank you so much for being a wonderful friend to someone in need. I have signed up to follow your blog. I have to come back and read, and find out what makes Rosie tick. Thank you again my friend, Love, Sherry

  6. My favorite is the one with an apple on her dress. Just because I love apples. :)