Wednesday, August 12, 2009

oh boy...

would you like to see some progress photos of the boyish babushka that i am working on? OK here we go. i am following the one red robin pattern but have altered it slightly and i am hoping that the new owners will be happy with it. the new owners are baby Adelaide's parents and they are wanting to gift it to their newest nephew, Jacob. i went with the green jungle print combined with the blue back and bought a matching blue felt.
i have changed the eyes slightly so they aren't as girly.
in this photo i have added the ric a rac and buttons and have hand stitched the hair and face onto the blue felt. i don't know how to fix the bobbin into the sewing machine so as soon as mick does that i can finish this little fella off. i would like to have him finished by the weekend so that i can work on little projects of my own. and just in case you forgot what the girl babushka looked like... here she is.
i will do the boy babushkas bottom differently.
they would like his name embroidered on the side, not sure if i should put ribbons on the side maybe that would be too girly. any ideas?
i do hope it turns out and that they are happy with it. anyhow off to get some matching thread.
happy wednesday


  1. Clever , clever girl , that looks great !

  2. They will love it - that jungle print is really cute.

  3. hi .. i'm from malaysia.. nice stuff.. i follow your blog ok..

  4. Gads, woman. These are, as always, so wonderful. Just wondering if you have any idea exactly how many of these delightful little creatures you have made???

  5. Wow Rosey, you're on a roll. They look wonderful.

  6. Perhaps buttons instead of ribbons on the sides. Great job!

  7. Hi Rosey,
    Oh, that looks great.
    Yeah, I'm with Julia, maybe buttons instead of ribbons on the sides.

  8. thanks ladies i agree buttons might have to be the way to go. my husband put the bobbin in before he trotted off to work this morning so i should be able to finish her off...but i have 3 at home today. eldest is no better so i think she needs a trip to the doctor.
    thanks for the advice i need it!

  9. Aww, he's cute! Buttons is a great idea.

  10. Oh you have done a great job ! Hurry over to my place place it's going cold ?????