Thursday, August 6, 2009

baby's got back

now where were we?? oh yes step four... this is the fastest step, as all of the tiny fussy stitching has finished. i take my completed fronts out to my fabric stash and um and er over which fabric suits them best. i do love how they come together. i have added a few photos to show you the end product.
here they are nestled in a freshly turned bowl (i have such a talented hubby) and here are the backs! sleeping beauties my lighting is not the best, must ask my photographic whiz to help me with ideas.
love that violet fabric they really do look sweet if i do say so myself.
and now i am furiously working on the kokeshi brooches. i have designed a new look so that i will have two designs to choose from. once again the fronts are so fiddly and take ages to complete but the end product is worth it. what do you think?? i will be back with more as soon as i get closer to finishing the order.
even though i like the kokeshis the babushkas remain my favourite...what about you?? which id your favourite? maybe when the dust settles i will have a brooch giveaway :) thanks for your support.
mmwwaaahhh rosey
p.s. when this order is finished these brooches will be for sale at funky fabrix. pop into shonas blog, not only is she having a giveaway but her fabric is amazing too :)


  1. OMG you even sew your backs on. Good girl. I'm usually rushing to finish so I end up glueing.

  2. Hi Rosey,
    They're so cute. Craft is very time consuming isn't it, but so well worth the effort.
    I haven't got your email to reply to the question you left on my blog about my inspiration board...I got it from the shop when I was there. Linda might be able to get one in for you. I do love the colours too.
    Have a great day. :)

  3. They are adorable. I love the two new ones you've started. Your fabric backs are perfect.

  4. Really,really sweet Rosie. I like the way you've sewn their hair.I think the little kokeshi doll with the buns is very sweet!

  5. They are super duper pretty!!!!! Wowza!!!!

    You don't own a dress?!?!?



    Okay *tries to calm down* - not everyone has to have a dress, absolutely not, BUT if it's due to lack of confidence... then you NEED a dress! Come on, you're a great looking woman and even if you weren't you could still look great in dresses!

    I actually have more trouble with trousers + sweater. I don't like my butt showing; I don't know if there's anything WRONG with it but I just somehow feel nekkid wearing trousers and a short top.

  6. Hello!
    Very very cute! I like them!!

  7. aw these are so cute and pretty! Love the patterned materials you have used and the all the decoration/detail you have added!xx