Wednesday, June 16, 2010

almost famous

another market Sunday has passed and although i was fearing the cold winters chill, the morning was actually quite mild. the wind did pick up mid morning and each time a gust came we had to jump up to make sure our pretties didn't go flying away. i was pleased with my sales but it seems as though people are happy just to walk around the markets and soak up the atmosphere and get there fill of popcorn and little pancakes. we were lucky enough to get our photo taken by a local journalist and it is featured in our local paper the pine rivers press on page 34. nothing like a bit of free advertisement!
the following photos show some of the things we have on offer every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month
Renata's fabulous quilled gift boxes and cards these are proving to be very popular with passers by and even some interest in lessons on quilling.
Renata recently sold a similar framed version of this quilled butterfly from her online shop. head to her blog to view her range and purchase a piece of her art.
she has also made little gift tags, these are so sweet.
i have a range of cards as well however mine are mostly vintage style and hand stamped.
pretty little clutchables
dresses filled with lavender for your drawers. 2 little sisters bought one each :)
tic tac toe to go in reddish fabric as well as the babushka fabric. and heat wheats and snugglies...these proved popular, i just love all of the colour choices.
there are more photos but i thought that was enough. so as you can see, something for everyone and more :)
now off to work on an order or two :)


  1. I love the little dresses! What a sweet idea!

  2. It all looks great Rosey.
    I love the quilling,Never done any but it always draws my attention.
    How cute are the little lavender dresses!
    Markets are funny in as much as people love going but often not to spend.

  3. Woohoo famous a well as lucky and talented, what a gorgeous package you are. Keep the paper for me to see...or put it on the here so we can all see!
    Your stall is gorgeous...we have the best spot in the park and people will flock to our little section for sweet goodness every week!
    Wonderful, creative Kiss Noises to you. Linda

  4. both of you have such lovely products! Your stall must look beautiful all set up! Congrats on a good market sunday- I wish you continued success!!!♥

  5. Ah Rosie, looks like you have been working hard.
    Hope your cold is better. one of those heat wheat things in every pocket might help.
    I can see why they were popular.
    x x x

  6. Hi Rosey,
    Ah, what a pretty, talented stall you gals have here.
    I would definately stop!
    Cheering you both on.

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