Saturday, June 26, 2010

whats new pussycat?

for the second time in our life a stray cat has chosen us as its family...after the first one was destroyed because the owners didn't want it, we decided that perhaps this puss was our second chance.
she is such a pretty lady with a very quiet nature. she had these three little ones...
but they were taken away last night to be fostered and hopefully adopted by kind families. they were getting older and not being held so they had to be taken away. they certainly put up a fight!
anyhow apart from playing with our new kitty and preparing for our market tomorrow i have been working on pages of my art journal. i have been taking part in an online art tutorial, mixed media, run by the lovely kerryanne of shabby art boutique i have learnt so many new ideas it is hard to explain how valuable this experience has been. if you have ever thought about extending your artistic talents then i would highly recommend such a course.
below are a few of the pages i have managed to produce but i have not even scratched the surface of the techniques that she has taught us.
my favourite quote!
a little glimpse of what makes me me...
i am proud of my pages so far, certainly not something i would have done if i had not been prompted by kerryanne.
now if you have a moment or two and you are an avid Alice in wonderland follower then head here to see a wonderful mad tea party that i was fortunate enough to be part of...
i even brought a little bit of the party home with me...


  1. Your Pages look wonderful Rosey and have that Rosey 'cheeky" edge to them.
    Enjoy your Puddy cat

  2. Love those journal pages Rosey...great job! It makes me want to do something for me...I am sure I could have added a few nice words to your list of what makes you you!
    What a sweet cat too!! I am sure she is very loved in your sweet family!
    Kiss Noises Linda p.s. have a great day at the market tomorrow!

  3. Hi Rosey! I have been 'off line' for a little while and have just gone thru all your posts I had missed. You have been SO busy. All your market stuff is looking so good, I can't believe the different range of things you have!
    It was lovely seeing pages of your art journal you seem to be flourishing!!
    Seems that is one lucky little kitty kat that found your family.
    Enjoy the markets.

  4. Very good pages, really nice! Suzie xx

  5. I wish you could put kitties in the post.... give em to Soggibottom......
    Your new addiction/ sorry slip of the paw, addition.... :-) looks very similar to Sneaky.
    I loved Sneaky.
    I still miss her.
    What are you going to call her.... X X X

  6. What a cute cat ! Love your jounal pages too !

  7. That's fabulous !

  8. Hi Sweet Rosey,
    What a precious kitty you inherited .. And, to think she chose you sweet one !! Lovin' all your new creative treasures .. Especially the one about "eating our words" PeRfEcT, and we need to remember that .. Hoping your week is a happy one, and soo happy you dropped in to say hello .. I've missed you ~
    HuGs ~TeA~ xo

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  10. Such a cute kitty. She's very pretty.
    So glad you're enjoying your online art tutorial. Sounds like it's been very rewarding for you.

  11. Thanks Rosey for your congrats you left on my blog. I'm very happy about it.