Thursday, June 10, 2010

been busy....

as luck would have it, this week i have had 2 child free days which meant that i could sew to my hearts content. i became good friends with my sewing machine and churned out all of this in one day. dang..the photo didn't rotate..anyhow i managed to make... 6 'snugglies' which are heart shapes filled with wheat but with no segments so that the wheat is able to form to wherever you are placing it. i like to pop them on my feet or belly or anywhere where i am cold or feel pain. these will be available at our market stall for $10. 5 rectangular heat wheat bags with 4 segments which are perfect for the neck and back and will be available for $15. and 1 curved heat wheat bag with 6 segments perfect for the neck and shoulders. i have only made 1 and it will be available for $20. i am really pleased with how the bags all turned out they are perfect for this time of year...although i use my heat wheat ALL year round! on the second child free day i managed to finish off my little pieces of whimsy which will look just lovely on our market stall this Sunday the 13th of June....we will be regulars the second and fourth Sunday of each month and i will continue to add items to my online store. i finished this little fella...eeeppp he is so cute!! to see more photos head here or here i finished the two bottles, they just look so pretty with all of our other collectible items. really sweet, they would make a lovely addition to a dresser or a vignette of olden day items. i will add these to my online stores when i get the chance. well i best be going to is after 11pm and i seem to have a 4 year old who like to wake me at least 5 times during the night...*yawn* hope to see some of you at the petrie markets this sunday. our usual spot down by piggots. xxrosey


  1. Wow look at you go! Your stall will be overflowing with loveliness on Sunday. Glad you have made friends with the sewing machine, they can be great company! Of course sometimes they are just nasty and you have to swear quite a bit at them but when they are good they are really good.
    Sweet Dreams, see you Monday with flowers in your hair...Kiss Noises Linda

  2. You should have a very successful market with all of these wonderful things.

  3. Pretty! You went like a gun,Achieved lots.
    I love sitting at markets and watching people and listening to all the sights and sounds

  4. Hi Rosey,
    Oh yeah, thats what I need that curved wheat bag for my shoulder. Fantastic idea!
    How are you going with the creative journaling?
    I'm sure you're enjoying the course as much as I am.
    Have fun at the market on sunday!

  5. Love your busy sewing ! All looks fab! Hope you get/got some sleep! Suzie x

  6. I think you and your sewing machine have become best friends ! I just love wheatbags and yours are fantastic !

  7. Lovely!
    I will link you on my blog and I'd like to invite you to visite also my blog :D

    Laura from Italy

  8. 人因夢想而偉大,要堅持自己的理想哦!........................................