Wednesday, February 23, 2011

what i am working on this wednesday...

just one little picture to share today... a little stitchery i started for valentines day but ran out of thread and the day has been and gone. i am hoping that it will still capture someones heart, maybe for mothers day ~_~ and in the corner of the picture is something i am working on for as an Easter display out at the cottage which is currently full to the brim of new gorgeous pretties thanks to the lovely Linda. i really wish you could see the little cottage for yourself, Linda fills it with her handmade goodness and adds other pieces that go so well together. i add my little touches here and there but on a much smaller scale. it really is so sweet!
best go and finish the back of the stitchery and keep adding to my Easter treats.


  1. Oh that is very sweet Rosey, someone will love it and want it for their very own that is for sure.
    Kiss Noises Linda

  2. I love it- very pretty. I agree with lillycottage- someone will snap it up for sure! I sooo wish I could visit the cottage in person!!!

  3. Perfect for every day. Love doesn't need a special occassion.