Monday, February 28, 2011

squeal if you love squirrels

one of the best things about being at home with my youngest is that i get to go hunting through the thrift shops any day of the week to find quirky little things that want to find a better home out at our cottage. if i was working full time i would NEVER get to go thrifting! i know that my time at home is coming to an end as Claudia enters prep next year and i will have to find some sort of work to pass the days away, but for now i enjoy turning ugly old frames into pretty shabby frames and buying lonely little pieces just longing for a new home.
what a sweet little trio this makes.
this would be perfect in a little girls room on a shabby little shelf
cute cute cute.
i didn't manage to make it out to Lilly cottage and friends yesterday so i am not sure if these guys are still there or have found a new home..the little picture in the frame came from one of my Frankie magazines and was just perfect for the frame.
do you like to thrift? what will your next find be?? that's the best part about thrifting, you never know what you will find.
happy thrifting

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  1. Hi Rosey, I am Squealing!
    These little ones are so cute and you have done well with the frame. When thrifting I look for quirky clothes or handbags and for old books that I can use for my mixed media or just to read. I don't get there very often though.