Thursday, February 10, 2011

be mine

i do love the month of February...valentines day is closely followed by my birthday so i am treated to a romantic dinner for valentines day and then spoilt with gifts for my birthday. now that we have children going out for dinner involves too many processes so instead we treat ourselves to oysters kilpatrick and a bottle of champagne once the children are tucked up in bed. this year i have the movie valentines day to watch as that was one of my presents in my stocking :) as the budget is tight at the moment i have only asked for 1 gorgeous book and money to buy something from the doll and bear show that will be in my neck of the woods a couple of days after my birthday.
it is hard to believe that we have hit double digits in February, i have already broken one of my promises to myself...i promised that i would list 10 items into my online shops by the end of January...alas that did not happen. i guess i should be proud of myself for listing 2 items before the end of February!!
use the links on the side bar if you wish to take a peek at my listings and if all goes well i will be listing more items before the end of this month (but don't hold your breath)
best be off to do some sort of romantic stitchery and possible paint an item or two...


  1. Sounds like February is a great month for you! Looking forward to seeing more things in your lovely store. x

  2. gorgeous looking cupcakes, Rosey. I hope you have a very happy birthday. My mum's birthday is on Valentines day so it is special for her too. I like you idea of dinner when the kids are in bed, we used to do that too, I'd set the table with my 'best' dinner set and we would pretend we were at a fancy restaurant.Have a great day

  3. Oh A night in with bubbly and oysters sounds more like my kind of thing anyway....
    And Um errrrr....We all know oysters are meant to be 'aphrodisiacs eh?"!!!!
    Also Rosey add me to Fb...I am unsure how t search for friends,I use my Hubbys email and My Married name...

  4. Hope you have a wonderful birthday Rosey!!!!!!

  5. Hi Sweet Rosey girl,
    Soo happy you popped by to see lil' ole' mee .. I LoVe your visits, and you always make me smile ..

    I so hope you had a wonderful, FuN birthday !! Sounds like you've been quite busy making pretties !! Sure hope your booth is going well .. That's alot of work ..

    Here's wishing you a wonderful, romantic, happy Valentines Day ~

    BiG HuGs ~TeA~ xo

  6. Hi Rosey,
    Well done with the Great pieces of art you've been doing!
    Oh yummy cup cakes for Valentines day and Happy Birthday to You!

  7. Always good to see you Rosey.
    Hope you had a really fantatic Valentines day.
    :-) x x x