Saturday, May 2, 2009

cordufreakinroy joy!!

i have finally found a use for my little stash of corduroy...
i used it to back this little gal...
she isn't perfect but she is will pass as a prototype :)
to see more pictures of her head over here to my other blog.
i have great ideas for the rest of my corduroy and have made a funny looking bunny with a different piece but for some reason i haven't taken photos yet?? strange for me who normally photographs everything to within an inch of its life! if you have any great ideas for using corduroy please share :)
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smooches rosey


  1. Oh Rosey she is sooo sweet, love this new creation and she is a lovely prototype. I am following you on Twitter, I love Twitter and find the 140 character limit a great challenge....go figure!
    Kiss Noises Linda

  2. She is too adorable!!!! and I'm still giggling over your title!!!! ;) Have a super day!! I love your little doll!
    ♥ Teresa

  3. She is so cute! She turned out great; LOVE the corduroy on the back. Didn't realize it came in prints too!

  4. I have used larger pieces of Cord to make wheat bags.
    Hey I saw on ebay the other day printed felt...Flowers,ladybugs and pears...
    Never knew there were printed felt fabrics!

  5. The corduroy on the back is a charming touch!