Sunday, May 17, 2009

what do you know...

about one year ago i stitched my first 'something', it was a love heart on which i had embroidered the word 'love'. i knew that while i was stitching i had stumbled on a new hobby that would become addictive and soul nourishing. about the same time i discovered that my most favourite little shop had something called a 'blog' which also opened up a new and addictive world.
creating something with your own hands is really special and for people to want to buy it is even more exciting. today i experienced my first sale (apart from a few sales on my etsy to close friends and family) and it is all thanks to Linda from lilly cottage. Linda is one of those creative types that makes you feel so very special and has been particularly kind to me and my family. so i thank her from the bottom of my heart for commissioning 10 little brooches.
here is how the kokeshi doll brooches ended up looking like.
to make life easier and to ease the suspense Linda bought them off me at $5 each which meant that today i made $50! my first big sale! it might not seem big to you but it is to me :) she will now have them for sale in her shop with an added commission but i don't have the pressure of wondering whether they will sell. i hope they do so that i can make some more!
i feel like framing my first sale docket (couldn't frame the $50 i need it for petrol) it will certainly be finding a spot on my inspiration wall!
i also made my own little business card which i just expected Linda to put in the bag after a sale, but noooo her creative mind had the brilliant idea to pin them onto the card!! they look so sweet scattered throughout her shop. i didn't have my camera out there but she will no doubt be posting about it.
this is sort of how they looked.
here is what the cards look like, i made both pale blue and pale pink/red cards. i am really happy with how they turned out and they cost me nothing but the price of a piece of card!
thanks for your interest and support i will keep you updated with any of the sales!
fingers crossed.
%*_*% rosey


  1. Well done! I was the same as you... once I started over a year ago I was addicted! A friend encouraged me to start selling online and from then on it's been heaps of fun! They look so cool.

  2. Woo hoo, well done you!
    I'm sat here feeling very proud of you and i'm expecting you to be kept very busy as the orders come flooding in.
    Love and ((hugs)) to you and yours
    Beki xxx

  3. Congratulations!!!
    Will you put brooches in your shop as well?

  4. Hmmm...Does she want to buy $50 bucks worth of cuppies!!! Hee,hee,hee.
    It is so exciting when what is your hobby also makes you some Cash and keeps you sane too.

    Crafting is sort of my therapy!
    It eases the stresses everyday life.
    And your brooches did look great!
    Hope Lindas selling them for $8 or $9 they are worth it!!!

  5. WooHoo, that is a big deal!!! Congratulations!! Yay you!!!
    ♥ Teresa

  6. That is so good ! You should be very proud of yourself . Yay !

  7. Hey Rosey,
    Congrats on your first sale, I hope that there are many more to come for you.
    Cheers Linda

  8. Way to go Rosey! Congratulations! I think they'll sell very well at Linda's shop, they are so pretty.


  9. Wow, well done. That first sale is so exciting.I bet you get another order soon!

  10. Hooray!!! That is sooo great! Your an accomplished artist! How does it feel? Keep up the inspirational work.

  11. These are beautiful. i've jsut been and seen them for real in the sho. Well done.