Saturday, May 16, 2009

sew sweet

i am super close to finishing my brooch order (seems so strange to think i am filling an order for a shop) but still unsure of how much to charge. thank you for all of your comments and advice. in my mind i was thinking $5 to which Linda will add maybe $1.50 or so. i am just not sure but i guess when i show her we can work out a price together. even if they don't sell i just think how lucky i am to know linda who is offering to help me out with my crafting venture. i have added a few photos of the two that i finished earlier today.
here is lili happily modelling the brooch.
posing alongside some bobble head kokeshi dolls
each one is a different colour combination with matching backing fabric.
each has a different detail as well.
i found it very hard to get these girls right, the babushkas are so much easier to do. the one thing i need to learn is how to hide knots and how to start off blanket stitching. maybe Linda can give me a crash course!!!
i have also made up some business cards which i am very happy with. i will let you know how i get on :)
mmwwaaahhh %*_*% rosey


  1. Oh I love the doll with the pigtails,lol so cute.Your daughter does very well modeling your things.Some of the payment should go to her rosey,;)

  2. adorable!!!
    You could check out the forums on Craftster -> the business side
    for pricing suggestions. $5 sounds far too little, isn't Australian dollars less than American even? You need to figure out time + design, original idea + materials + supply costs + a bit extra and keep in mind taxes etc (unless you're doing it as a hobby and maybe don't have to pay taxes??) And... postage or driving to the shop. I make it sound awful, don't I - but just make sure you're not undercharging TOO much. I think most artists and crafters undercharge - me too sometimes.

    I hope you've bought a lottery ticket - I'll keep my fingers crossed! :-D Actually I'll "hold my thumbs" as we do here.

  3. Rosey, they are just plain gorgeous!!! I love Kokeshi dolls too, yours are so sweet.