Thursday, May 21, 2009

tasty treats

doesnt this just make you want to bake??? jam drops and extra crunchy peanut butter cookies thanks to the little old lady at our local markets. we buy our saturday morning tea from her every time, mmmmmm.
have a great thursday!


  1. Scrummy! I'm so jealous! They don't sell paenut butter in France so I can neither buy nor bake these cookies...boohoo....:)

  2. Good morning Rosey,
    Ooohh, I'm sipping my morning tea, and would sooo LoVe to dip those cookies in it.. Making my mouth water, and darn, I wasn't even hungry.. hahaha.. Hoping your day is blessed, and you have time to create.. LoVe visiting sweet you !! hugs ~tea~xo

  3. Yum!
    I can never resist Cake stalls at fetes and markets ect...
    Hey have you ever made peanut butter cookies.
    If not try this:
    1 jar peanut butter
    1 cup choc bits/chips
    1 egg beaten
    1/2 cup suagr
    Mix and roll into teaspoon size balls.
    Do not flatten...
    Bake 180...10-12mins Yum!