Thursday, May 14, 2009

what would you pay?

did you know that the lovely Linda of lilly cottage has asked me to make 5 babushka doll brooches and 5 kokeshi doll brooches which she is going to place in her shop ! she will kindly place them in her shop and add a small percentage of my asking price to the price tag. how nice is that??? i am totally thrilled of course and will probably drop dead if any of them actually sell :) i think they are sweet but will other people think so and in these tough economic times will they have the money to spare to buy them?
they look so sweet in the bottom of a babushka nesting doll.
each has a different hair colour or style and i have tried to make their faces different too.
this is the first time i have ever put a brooch back on, i had no idea what i was doing but i tried to be as neat as possible.
each has a different colour combination and different detail on the dress.
sorry i didn't fix their little ribbons, they look a bit messy!
i am not very good at deciding on a price, how much do you think i should ask for? i really want your honest opinion... be brutal if you have to i won't be offended :)
here is an indication of the colours i have used to back them, they match the front colours beautifully.
anyhow the babushkas are done and the kokeshis are next, i just love working on them and i was even able to work on them when the baby woke up! for some strange reason she didn't touch everything and i was able to leave it all out... is this a sign of things to come? maybe i will get heaps more done now that she isn't so intense.
here is my first girl not sure if i like the shape of her face yet, i also added pink crosses on her cheeks... what do you think? i will change the shape of the next face and decide then. ok off to post about the giveaway parcel i won from vanessa over at a fanciful twist on my other blog agapanthas and goldsworthy, come and have a look if you have the time.
smooches %*_*% rosey


  1. I think they're adorable, of course I'm drawn to the little ones with hints of pink. ;) I'm terrible with pricing, sorry no help there, but I bet they sell really well, they're too cute not to!
    ♥ Teresa

  2. I also think they are cute.But me, I dont know about prices either.I think they will definately sell.Good Luck to you!

  3. They are lovely - and I think they will all sell! Sorry not really sure on price. I would suggest going to Etsy and searching for brooches and find out the going rate. At least charge enough to cover your costs and some of your time.

  4. I can only go by what I would want to pay...because shipping is involved, I would probably want to pay $5 plus shipping. I HOPE that I am not offending your wonderful work as it is rather a low price, but low prices are a determining factor as to whether I purchase something... especially when it's something I don't really need, but I want.
    Good luck to you!

  5. oH THEY DO look lovely Rosey, what a great job you have done and how clever you are to ask people what they would pay...I will be watching this space to see what the consensus love love them.
    Kiss Noises Linda

  6. Oh they are looking great....
    Funny as I have watched you over time your sewing has really progressed and become so more intense and passionate!
    Hmmmm Prices,
    Depending on the forum in which you are selling often determines prices.
    Example being Ebay where most auctions cost approx$2 just to list!
    But selling through a shop where they take a commision which where I sell is just a mere 10%...
    I can sell cheaper and often she is where I sell most!
    I am unsure of the brooch sizes but I would say $8-$9 ish.
    As there is no postage to factor in.
    My Sister who is amazing and a quilter pattern maker andfabric artist.
    Works on cost to make and doubles it and a half to get prices.
    As time cannot be costed into handmade crafts .
    Okies...Thats all from me.
    Wow! What ahuge novel of a comment

  7. oh guys that is such great advice, i was thinking $5 and let linda add her bit which will probably price them at just under $7. anyhow we can see how they sell and if it is too much we can always take the price down a bit. your comments mean the world to me!
    p.s. my fantastic toys has great tips for holding a market stall. his link is on my other blog. (i think)

  8. Oh they are lovely, like sweet little worry dolls.
    I'd pay oooh let me think £5-£8, I know that is probably no help as you work in dollars!

  9. Hi Rosey, I think $5 on your part is a really good price to try to start selling them. I always think it's good to start a little cheaper and just see how it goes. Your little brooches are really well done,so I guess you might have to change the name of your blog!

  10. oooooooohhhhh... I envy your collections!! You are a fan of babushkas aren't you! I can't suggest a price, because I am not experienced in selling handmade stuffs, I honestly don't know, but I think a 20% mark up from your total cost is a very modest price.

  11. Oh no - please don't sell them too cheap! They are lovely and your time is worth something too. It has to be worth your while. Like you say, you can always lower your price, better than have to raise it.

  12. As you are just starting out, $5 is a good price to begin with. Once your work gets more popular and more people want to buy, and you start paying shipping, then you should up the price. I'm really pleased your brooches will be in Linda's shop! xoxo

  13. i think $5 is too cheap.. but that is just me! You should say $8 and then she can sell them for $10. Don't insult your handywork with such a low price ;) good luck, they r too cute!

  14. I agree with Jessi, I think $10 is a good sale price for the shop, and set you wholesale price at $7-$8. But make sure you charge $10 yourself if you're selling them in your etsy shop. And this should only be a starting point to see what the demand is like then put them up. I even think $12-$15 is fair considering the amount of detail in them plus I think they will be very popular. I can't wait to see the kokeshi doll ones, will you be listing them on etsy too?

  15. I'd say about $10 - $12 (usd) as a very spontaneous reaction. Depends on how long it takes to make them etc... see my lengthy response to your new post :)