Friday, June 26, 2009

another babushka beauty

well hello, i have interrupted my sewing to show you what i am working on.... we are heading to my home town of Toowoomba this weekend to celebrate the baptism of baby Adelaide who is the first child of my very good friends Darren and Sarena. a little while ago Darren said that they would rather a hand made doll from me over a bought gift, so nothing like me leaving it to the last minute...
i have decided to have another go of one red robins babushka doll. that is my first attempt on the right. i added bells instead of ribbons and i made an absolute dogs breakfast of the base on my first doll, so i have decided to just sew her up as a softie that doesn't stand up!
my first attempt is old now and well loved, she is fuzzy from all of the hugs and kisses over the past year :0)
i have decided to use all the one fabric on the front, which i am guessing will change the length somehow but i will cross that bridge when i come to it. as you might imagine, so far i have hand sewn the ribbons on and i am about to hand blanket stitch the red felt on because i really don't know how to use the sewing machine to do this next step. anyhow i hope she turns out, i only have tonight to finish her as we head off bright and early tomorrow.
have a great weekend, i know i will.


  1. what a beautiful babushka she is! baby adelaide will love her!

    have a great weekend rosey! xx

  2. All very pretty.

  3. She will be gorgeous Rosie and, I'm sure, well loved like the first one.

  4. Right Miss ican'tsew, one day next week you shall bring that machine you don't like to my place and i shall get rid of all your fears and we shall machine sew a bundle of goodies and you will be converted for least for those boring bits of sewing, hand sewing is still my first love but for all the pretty bits. I am sure this little lady is going to b gorgeous and as well loved as your first ever attempt! It shall be just gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!
    Kiss Noises Linda

  5. sigh....can't get enough of them, now, can we?

    Lots of smooochies

  6. I think when finished she really will be gorgeous!
    I too have a sewing machine phobia...But it may have to do with the fact that mine often goes by itself!!!!
    I need to sew a couple of things up,But boring mending type things!

  7. Of course that baby would rather have a home made gift from someone as talented as you!!!

  8. Sheeesh, your blog needs a new name ! What do you mean, you can't sew? I have news for you....

  9. There's something so special about a handmade gift that the best purchased one will never have. She's gonna love it. :):):)