Saturday, June 13, 2009

sweet stitches

thanks for answering my questions in the previous post... i am still a little confused but a little bit wiser at the same time. i just dont want to stand on any toes as i go about my merry way trying to make a little money out of what has become a very threapeutic hobby.
anyhow i thought i would show you the end product of the stitching i have been doing for my friends swap. as my blog title suggests... i started these stitcheries and really have no idea what beki will do with them or how to display them. i was thinking that perhaps she could pin them to a cork board somewhere as a way of displaying them. i guess i didnt really think that part through very well :o)
the first is for her daughter
i backed each piece with a matching fabric.
the next two are for her little boy, he has just made the switch from cot to bed and she wants to create a space for him in his corner of the bedroom. i guess he could have a bit of monsters v.s. cowboys going on...
trixie from coloured buttons came up with the idea of using the famous quote by dirty harry 'go ahead make my day' and changing it to ' you make my day'. thanks trixie it worked a treat!
and the final one is for beki, i do hope she likes them.
i found the quote on the internet and the picture is from a childrens book from the poem polly put the kettle on.
love the stockings!
i really enjoy stitching and if i had the knowledge i could turn things into pillows and other things other than a long peice of calico that you cant do anything with.
well i am off to warn beki not to come and read this post.
have a great weekend rosey


  1. Gee you really are loving just stitching away...
    I think of you most days as I walk past my sons room and on his door handle is the Easter egg stitchery sheep...
    Baby steps...You will soon be doing cushions and the like...

  2. Soo glad you liked my saying. Sometimes when it's really late at night and I'm exhausted I get these brainwaves. Usually by the morning I've forgotten what it was. So it's lucky I commented straight away that night.

    Rosey, I'm happy to help you with ideas to turn your stitchings into things you can use or things you like to have around like pillows, wall hangings, bags, purses, book covers, bookmarks, whatever...just let me know. Trixi

  3. Ooohhh Rosey,
    Adorable..Very sweet, and I would hang these everywhere..Nothin' better than a handstiched item.. Truly from the heart..Love what you create.. Good luch on your new venture.. Have a happy week-end..hugs ~tea~xo

  4. adorable!!! The monsters! The little horse!!

    Btw I think you're too modest.
    You can even draw! You could make your own set of characters... one human, one monsters perhaps...

  5. Hi Rosey,
    Well done on the stitcheries. They are all very cute.

    I'm glad you got some answers to your copyright questions. It can be very tricky.
    Also interesting to read other blogist answers.

  6. Awww, those are great! The quotes along with the cute stitcheries remind me of vintage valentines. <3

  7. You are so clever , I love them all !

  8. These are marvelous sweet stitches! I love the last pic! xoxo

  9. You are really talented with a needle and string, aren't you? I love them, but ,still, my favorite is the alien one. ;) out of this world! HA! How come I never think of that?