Monday, June 29, 2009

babushkas big adventure

trying to make my second ever babushka doll (with alterations to the pattern) in two nights was never going to equal success. if you are following this story, you will know that i was making the one red robin babushka doll for baby Adelaide's christening. after finally finishing the machine sewing part and turning her inside out i realised that i could not possibly give her as a gift and decided to go to bed. so at 1am after beating myself up i crawled into bed for a 5:30am start. lucky we did start early as we got LOST getting out of Brisbane!!! because of all the road works we missed the toowoomba turn off and took the long scenic route (not) through Ipswich (sorry Jo no time to stop and visit you )
anyhow i took the doll up to show what they can expect when i try again. they were happy with the babushka and are looking forward to her arrival.
happy with my hand stitching that isn't a problem, although her eyes look a little far apart.
it is the machine stitching i hate. see how lop sided she is?? and the base is not good enough either. i am going to have to read up on clipping as well.
this angle shows how lop sided she is as well.
i altered Johanna's front and base as i found it very hard to do the round base to make her stand. i am happy with the idea but i need to sew it better next time.
the ribbons are so darling! i just hope i have enough of each fabric to do her the same!! i hate choosing fabrics for other people plus my stash isn't that extensive.
so this little lady had a trip to toowoomba and back... the next one will have to travel in the post! eekk hope the ride isn't too bumpy.
thanks for following her adventures.
oh thought you might like to see what the new owner looks like!
isnt she just the most adorable baby you have ever seen??
she is so loved! smooches to you my baby Adelaide


  1. Oh what a gorgeous baby! Rosey it will be fine, unpick and start again so you don't loose your beautiful fabrics. I can help you if you want to pop over this week...we have the technology, she will be a 6 million dollar Babushka!
    Kiss Noises Linda

  2. hey rosey i think your babushka is so darn pretty! don't worry so much about imperfections--it's the charm of handmade!!

  3. That Baby is gorgeous!
    And I am sure when you get your Babushka just right she will be too.

  4. Your babushka looks great to me, I love it, and love the fabric!! That one adorable baby girl!!!
    ♥ Teresa

  5. The babushka is beautiful.

    Please go to my 8 year old daughter's blog to get more ideas for handstitching projects that your children, or you, might enjoy. It's



  6. That is one gorgeous squeezable baby! The babushka will be great and she'll love it!

  7. She is so cute!!!! I kind of want BOTH the beautiful dolls in this post! :-D

    I took a picture for you in Rome! Will send it when I get my huge photo file sorted out a bit. And thank you so much for your wonderful, wonderful comments! You are so sweet!!!

  8. you know Rose - we loved it no matter what and I am sure that our Adelaide will adore it as well. you are such a perfectionist !! - love to you Darren sarena and Adelaide

  9. ciao bella!
    the photo I took for you in Trastevere is now up on my blog! :D

  10. oooh the tattoo sounds excellent! Three babuschkas for your girls?
    and a hippo on the hip - magnificent! You realise now you have to show it, right? ;-)

  11. cute little bub, and cute babushka! I know the feeling with the lopsided machine sewing, it's so hard to sew softies on a sewing machine. I have to go really slowly and with some small sections I opt to do them by hand so I can have more control. I guess perfect sewing comes with experience :)

  12. I'm not really into dollies, I love a toy called Chris the Boxer. BUT I do have a thing about babies that pass the gate.
    I normally go up to their pushchair and put my nose in. If I am lucky they normally pat me on the head. Or dribble..... now I tend to dribble back!
    Isn't she cute.........

    Amie Soto Blossom x x x

  13. Eek! I love babushkas, and yours is super cute!