Saturday, June 20, 2009

kid friendly cookies

OK that title doesn't really make sense does it, cause lets face it cookies are kid friendly, unless of course you have a nut allergy and you eat a nut filled cookie then they could be very unfriendly indeed. what i mean to say is my girls made some cookies that were dead easy to make thanks to the easy step by step guide which can be found on the blog planning with kids.
we were invited to attend a mad hatters tea party at lilly cottage today. why? i hear you ask... well Vanessa from a fanciful twist is hosting a blog party based on the mad hatters tea party and Linda from Lilly cottage wanted to really make it come to life. my girls wanted to help out in a small way so we decided to make some sweet treats to take along. we thought tea cup cookies would be perfect and found planning with kids blog page straight away. i took some photos of the girls having some fun.
we made a sort of production line
a little bit messy but oh so fun
tic toc base, marshmallow, freckle and then musk lifesaver cut in half on the side.
all done!
here they are displayed on my favourite tiered cake stand, need more of these types of stands. don't they look great??
well i am off to ice some cupcakes for our little mad hatters tea party that we are having tomorrow afternoon. i must be off....
I'm late, I'm late for a very important date!
cheers rosey


  1. ooooh! oh my goodness wowww!!
    and you are already partying? I'M late!

    oh and p.s. I did have my hair cut, about 2 inches or more. No one notices when I cut my hair except me because it seems that when past a certain length, long hair is simply "long". I want it to be longer but I don't want split ends :-/

  2. Darling cookies & kids ... what fun they are going to have. TTFN ~Marydon

  3. Oh how sweet.They look good yum.Busy little girls.

  4. The cookies are ADORABLE, the baker girls are even more adorable, and I love your pink pretty plates!!!! Cute Cute Cute all the way around.
    ♥ Teresa

  5. I'm sorry but someone has got to say it.... the cookies are too good for the kids to eat! Throw a few freckles at the kids and sit down with a cup of real tea and the cake stand (which is beautiful) and enjoy those sweet treats yourself.

  6. aww WOW omg those are just to die for cute, & so are our girls & omg I want that stand gr8 post!!

  7. Adorable cookies. I'm going to send a link to your blog to my daughters so they can see how cute theses are. Thank you for the sweet words of comfort while my mom has been sick. She's better.

  8. Oh were they not the most delicous tea cups ever. These litle bits of gorgeousness, plus the tea cup cookies, made the tea party just perfect! I feel priveleged to have you all at my little Mad Hatter so would not have been the same without you. Biggest kiss noises ever, Linda

  9. Those are just too much! Good job!

  10. Look at those cuties (the cookies and the girls!!) The party is perfect! I wish I live near you, and everyday I will show up on your doorstep and eat some cookies!

  11. I can't wait til Jeremiah is big enough to do stuff with!!
    Take care.

  12. They are such a fun thing to make with the kids. I always find that the mums love them just as much as the little ones!