Wednesday, October 28, 2009

from beanbag to bunting

~warning this post has evidence of me using the sewing machine~
a few weeks ago i found this gorgeous beanbag at the thrift shop and i knew it was destined for a new life...
spurred on by the thought of holding a market stall, i decided to turn this pretty material into bunting. after a little search on the net for some ideas i began my quest...
i cut and pinned my flags
at last my first flag sewn and turned the right way, yes sewn with the machine!!
on a roll i just couldn't stop...i am not sure how far apart to pin them so please tell me if i need to do it differently next time.
and here it is above our bed. the picture quality isn't that great...our next big want is a digital SLR...I'll keep dreaming @_@
and here it is above Mia's bed, it looks lovely, i will have to make some more.
unfortunately the bias binding i bought had some patches of colour on it which has shown up here, the flags are fully reversible though so i guess i can just turn it over to hide that messy spot.
it has found a resting place above my fabric and crafting table. i am hoping it will look lovely on my market table (when i finally have that stall)
i used the janomie sewing machine that used to belong to my mother in law and i feel quite good about my efforts. maybe a name change is in order :p
i follow a lady on twitter who does this for a living...hats off to her as she attempts to make a bunting with 200 flags!!
%*_*% rosey


  1. have made such a good job them...super!xx

  2. Oh no! You used the sewing machine -- and I haven't even tried sewing by hand yet! Your bunting is so sweet -- and looks good wherever you hang it. I am sure you will making a bunch more. Good luck and best wishes, :) Tammy

  3. That looks really nice above the curtains Rosey.I do NOT sew and I CANNOT sew,lol.Last time was in 7th grade for home ec.I dont miss it.But I love just about everything else.
    Enjoy the rest of the week!

  4. Hi sweet, fun Rosey,
    Another fun, creative idea from you !! They look soo sweet hanging in the bedrooms !! Keep on creating and making me smile ... Happy day to you ~
    hugs ~tea~xo

  5. Hi Rosey,
    Hey, these flags look great hanging over the bed.

  6. Hey That was some good thinking...Reusing a bean bag!!!
    And the finished result is great!
    I love bunting though...

  7. Oh my goodness you are getting soooo clever, I am so proud of you! I can't believe it but your sewing room is taking on that experienced crafter look....I love it!!!
    Well done Rosey, it looks wonderful...cotton tape is much easier to use though than bias...have a look at mine next is fairly cheap too and you can get different I go to unpack some more, kiss noises Linda

  8. What a great recycling project!!!

  9. This flag is very cute. You did a great job!

  10. what a sweet pink bunting! it's sooo cute!

  11. Well done girl! The flag garland looks great!

    I also wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog the other day and your well wishes after my accident. Much appreciated!

  12. you have a lovely blog award from Soggibottom x x x

  13. I think buntings are a big must for little girls' bedroom, they cheer up the mood and have a subtle softness about them!

    You're so great with sewing, I envy you!

  14. Hi, Rosey!

    So gorgeous, love your work! And thanks for your comment on my blog - I did have fun spending money at those markets. ;-)