Monday, October 12, 2009

secret project revealed

remember these?...
well this is what they have become... little pastel chalkboards for you to write sweet nothings to your sweetheart, write your wish list, write your never ending 'to do' list or anything you want to write. perfect for your children's room or rumpus too. i have painted them in pastel colours and given that pre loved look. here is my favourite ~ cottage green (the lighting wasn't very good)
each comes with a hand made felt duster and a little parcel of coloured chalk. (i will have to post a picture of that when they are all ready)
what do you think? i just love them and love that each one is different but still a compliment to any room. my biggest problem is knowing how much to charge for them. i have already realised that in this business you don't get paid for your 'time' so i am not taking that into account...i was thinking of $18, someone has even said they would pay up to $25...what do you think? i really really need your opinions and help...
thanks for your comments, they help me tremendously.
here are some pics of the actual finished product. a hand made felt duster and bundle of coloured chalk
just gorgeous but as you can see ICANTSEW!!!!


  1. ahhh! I LOVE them! I want a green one!! I'm not good at pricing things though, $18 is a fab price. I think lots of people would easily pay $25, you'd make a killing I think :)

  2. Fantastic Rosey! They look great and would make fabulous gifts. I agree, $25 (or a little bit more - not less than $20) would be a good price.

  3. Exactly as Jhoanna said definately not less than 20 . They are great and you should be paid for the work .

  4. This is dreamy!! I saw a chalkboard easel on a local store a few days ago, but it's so expensive!! It was about $75, sheeesh, get real. I think $18-25 is a pretty good range, Rosey, why don't you take the middle?

    I would go for Like $22-$25
    If They don't go you can always lower the price at your next market

  6. Love them!
    I'd say about $20-$22, you'r on to a winner here!
    Beki xxx

  7. Really wonderful. Bound to sell! Suzie. xx

  8. Well done they are fantastic! I'd happily pay $25 for them. Is there any chance you could do one in red at all? Trish xx

  9. Hi Rosey,
    Oh, great idea and very pretty.

    Hm, It's always very tricky to put a price on our arts and crafts. There is a lot to factor into pricing like location of market.
    If you are at a craft market, people expect to pay a little more, however if you are at a Trash and treasure market, everyone want's a bargain.
    I would suggest that you check out the desired markets before arriving and see what's on offer then decide how much to put on your pieces.
    Start off at a higher price and reduce later.
    Don't sell yourself short.
    You could always put them on ebay or etsy if they don't sell.
    Good luck,

  10. You should be paid for your effort and that shoudl be factored in your price. Definitely between $20-$25!

  11. Seems that everyone is in agreement about the price! They are very pretty and would be good to use in any room. Great work -- and no sewing involved! Best wishes, Tammy :)

  12. $18 is not enough! I would charge $25 or $30! You do need to figure in your time, at least a little bit! Don't sell yourself short! Those are really nice!

  13. Hi Rosey,
    Ooohhh these are so sweet !! Of course I LoVe the pink !! We could just write sweet nothings on here !! EvEn to myself !! To pretty for my to do lists !! those lists would frighten me to have to look at each day, soo I say only sweet notes for your pretty boards !! Great idea from you again Rosey !! Have a happy creative day sweet one !!
    hugs ~tea~xo

  14. I agree with Anna You need to suss out the market before you go and see what sort of market it is and what sort of prices they are charging. I also think it's better to start with a higher price and if you want drop the price later.

  15. Those are so cute! I especially love the little duster you made! Adorable.

  16. Adorable! Too cheap though, they didn't come from Ikea. If you are going to sell these via shops they will add a lot and your own prices may need to compare to that (something I'm struggling with myself). I'd say $40-50 if we are talking USD?