Tuesday, October 20, 2009

wool felt luuurve...

some of you may know that every now and then i moonlight as a lilly cottage worker when the lovely owner is too sick to make it in to the shop. my husband very kindly looks after the girls, which isn't that hard, while i trot along to petrie to wrap and chat the day away. well to thank me for the days that i have done recently, Linda gifted me this...
a gorgeous book filled with little projects for me to try and this most adorable Dorn felted rabbit. Linda knows that watership down is my favourite book so this little lady fits right into the world i am currently escaping to every night as i read page after page...
and she has come at the perfect time as my other Dorn rabbit was beginning to look a bit forlorn, now he is as happy as a pig in mud!
don't they look cosy? *^_^*
and of course they have a little pup to look after...
my eldest daughter bought this little girl earlier in the year at a bear and doll show. what a sweet family they make...i guess next time i see a Dorn display i will have to add to the growing collection :)
thanks Linda, you are so thoughtful!
thanks for all of your feedback on the chalkboards...i am going to price them at $22 and see what sort of response i get...that is when i get my act together and have the market stall =]
off to swimming lessons with the girls. have a great week
%*_*% rosey


  1. I am big fan of Lilly Cottage and everything that they have there....


  2. SO cute, and cuddly. how lovely! Suzie. xxx

  3. Adorable!!!!! I must now try to catch up with you - seems you're busier than I am! - and see what the chalkboards are.

  4. Oh the bunnies are adorbale.My youngest daughter was and still is a bunny fan real and unreal,lol.So we have lots and lots of little stuffed bunnies.Have a great week.I adore the banner as well!

  5. Hi

    Hi Rosey,
    Aaahhh how sweet of you to help a friend ... but, her gift to you as sweet ... These are adorable, and I just could eat them up !! Look at those faces !! Again you make me smile, and always fun to visit you !! Happy day ...
    hugs ~tea~xo

  6. What a sweet gift! Good luck with your stall. :) Best wishes, Tammy

  7. I am only new to the discovery of needle felting and wow How gorgeous are the creations!!!
    My Hubby Yes My Hubby is also a watership downs fan!!!!
    We got the dvd for him for Dads Day!

    Ithink $22 is right on the knocker....Perfect!

  8. Just found your lovely blog....I love these bears. I am off to visit your etsy shop. Your items look amazingly lovely!

  9. Just found your lovely blog....I love these bears. I am off to visit your etsy shop. Your items look amazingly lovely!