Friday, October 9, 2009

market stall in mind

i finally dropped off my order to shona at funky fabrix and have decided to dedicate the next two weeks to building up enough stock to hold my own market stall. i haven't got a huge array of items for a stall but i guess i have to start somewhere and i can gauge the publics interest in my products and try to build on my designs. i am dedicating parts of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to my stitching and other things that relate to my stall. i am giving you a sneak peek at something we have been working on for the stall... mick built them and the girls painted the sealer. mia really enjoys anything crafty and is always asking to stitch or paint, i just need to be less lazy and set it up for her. lili loves to paint and is working on her own little project for the stall. and here is a peek at the second stage of production., these colours are just lovely and hopefully appealing to the public. i am in the process of giving them that pre-loved look but i am not sure how good they will look. i will post a picture of the end product...can you guess what they are?? so that is my plan...petrie markets here i come :) wish me luck. happy weekend xx rosey


  1. How Great!
    You girl are so inspired!
    With three kids and all...Where do you find your get up and go??
    Hey thats one handy hubby you have!

  2. Ooohhh they look lovely....are you coming out to play with me? That would be wonderful...I can lend you anything you need for your first stall...gazebos, tables, small children, cups of coffee....yep just about I need one of those secret things? I think I might.....but which colour?
    Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage

  3. Do I need one of those too? May if I do you could send one over to me with Linda to The Handmade Expo ? Is she going to be bringing your birds and heart garlands ? I might tell Linda the kinda pink I like for an order ! Maybe you should come and visit us!

  4. Lovely!
    Good luck with that...happy weekend!x

  5. You will rock the market world my friend !

  6. Lovely! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Pop over to my blog, I have an award for you! Suzie. xxx

  7. Looks like your girls are going to have as much fun doing this market as you are!

  8. Oh the colors are gorgeous Rosey!Nice and soft,Good Luck!

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  10. Hi Rosey,
    wishing you luck and fun at your market stall.
    Where and when will this happen?

    Um, are they blackboard frames?
    I give up, I'll have to wait and see the finished product.

  11. Are you having your stall this week or next? Should be fun.