Monday, October 5, 2009

guess who is doing the happy dance?

yes folks i am dancing round the lounge room cause the order is complete! this is my first bulk order of hearts and birds and i am so happy with the end product. i cant wait to get started on my own stash! i made a little heart garland out of the scraps and am going to get started on a whole heap of shabby fabric ones. it is my intention to have a market stall next month, i haven't investigated the possibility fully but i need to set my self a goal and a deadline. i was also looking into making myself some bunting for the stall...yes i am going to tackle bunting which means facing the dreaded machine :p
i have lots of questions about holding a stall and would appreciate any suggestions or advice.
do i need an ABN number just to hold a stall? what sort of 'tent' is best?
should i play music?
the questions are endless and i am not sure where to start to look for the answers...maybe i should twitter the question #_#
ok, i will leave you with some pictures of the end product. if you would like to make an order of anything for your business or home, leave a message in the comments box or find my email in my profile.
the box full to the brim...
and here it is laid out on my bed, click on the photo for a better look.
here is the garland, sweet isn't it?
the frame it is on is a secret project i am working on for my stall.
and here it is on our front entrance mirror. these mirrors can be made to order as well in this country look or shabby chic. it is so good having such a handy husband <3
off to start on some sweet garlands...and other things of course.
thanks also for your support, your comments keep me going and a big thank you to shona of funky fabrix for placing an order with me.
have a great week


  1. These are sooo cute, do they come in pink? ( pink and gold are my tree colours for christmas ! )

  2. I'm glad to hear that you're dancing around!! :D

  3. Well done , they look fantastic but then again I knew they would !

  4. awww how sweet are the heart garlands! Congratz on the order

  5. They are gorgeous! I bet you feel good. What a talented household you have there, the mirror is wonderful! Suzie. xx

  6. Woohoo! I know you feel relief at being finished. You are so creative and talented. Those are so beautiful. It's good you had a few left over for yourself. Good luck with the stall next month.

  7. Hi Rosey,
    You make the sweetest things !! Everything you create makes me smile !! Soo handmade,and full of LoVe looking.. Christmas colors are soo bright and cheerful.. Good-luck filling all these orders !! Wonderful for you.. Have a happy, creative week my friend~
    Big hugs ~tea~xo

  8. TO cute, love the banner Rosey.Love the mirror as well.Good Luck to you!

  9. You're going to have to change your name! "I Can't Sew" just isn't true. Congrats on the order (and on finishing it!), and here's to many more. Good luck with your market stall.

  10. Congratulations on finishing. Everything is beautiful! A lot of hard work and love went into all that you created. Best wishes, Tammy :)

  11. Looks fantastic!
    Well done girl!
    Hey love the new header picture....very arty!

    As far as I am aware your "hobby" does not require you having an ABN.
    Your Hobby is allowed to earn you so much $$$
    ...A quick call to the dreaded Tax department will be able to help you out.

    My Experience with markets is:
    Buy a folding trestle...One that folds in half with carry handle on top.
    Tents....I have had a few and the easiest was the ones that Bi fold open a person on each end...
    Disadvantage was no solid back,I hung a sheet.
    There are the really proper tents but they are fiddly and cost heaps.
    As My crafting is all under $9 I was not wanting to outlay that much on a doz markets a Year.
    I have one the last weekend of OCT

  12. they look great! Congrats on getting it all finished.

  13. These are so beautiful! Doesn't it feel good to get a big order finished! Yay! I love them!

  14. These are so lovely. It's like having valentine's day every day!

  15. Ohhh Rosey pretty and a new blog banner it, you really are getting your groove on. You know I can and will answer any question on market stalls that you have, I have done years and years of market stalls( still doing them you know) before I opened Lilly Cottage.
    I shall speak to you soon, we will have coffee and chat amongst my boxes of packing ( my studio is pretty clear...of packing that is I refuse to pack up yet).
    Kiss Noises Linda

  16. Congratulations on the order! The garland is so beautiful, and little birds and hearts very cute. I'll be looking out for them in your shop.

    You should def have a stall, you would love it! My best advice is to go to other markets and check out what people are doing. Also, you should join BrisStyle because if you have questions like these there's an excellent forum where everyone is happy to give advice for these things.