Friday, October 2, 2009

i can see the light...

well i have been slowly plodding away grabbing snatches of stitching time here and there. i cant wait until Monday morning around 9am when i have deposited the children to school and the youngest to day care and i have the house to MYSELF. on that first day my priority will be to finish off any remaining hearts or birds and organise myself to take a visit over to shonas shop. at this point in time i have completed 25 and am working on 5 more birds. the order was for 30 to 40 so i am guessing i can finish a few more off between now and Monday :) i will leave you with a peek at how i am progressing.
this was my box last week...
this is the same box this week.
gorgeous fabric
cute birds waiting to be hung on your tree
i popped a few on some old branches and i thought it looked quite nice but i can imagine how nice they will look on a miniature Christmas tree.
well off to fill those last 5 birds and cut out my last 10...
have a fantastic weekend
%*_*% rosey


  1. Oh, they look so good! You must feel pleased with them, I know I know I would! Suzie. xx

  2. They do look gorgeous on the twigs!
    Well done ,keep stitching away

  3. very cute Rosey!

  4. She'll be right ! As soon as you deliver the first lot you'd better get started on the next cause those will sell like hotcakes !

  5. Gah! So cute!

    (Whip me... ooh, it feels so good! ;)
    lol - seriously, now I AM off to finish my book.
    in a minute.
    The whip thing kind of intrigued me.

  6. I'd love to email you. Why don't you put your email address in your profile or email me at

  7. What a lovely display, you clever clever girl you!
    Love and huggles
    Beki xxx

  8. HI Rosey, they look fantastic and I love them on the twigs. The wax melts you asked about you use them in your oil burner instead on oil and water mine usually last 3-4 days then put your oil burner in the freezer for a couple of minutes to harden the wax and the wax will pop right out. then you can start with a new one. I love them so much. Have a beautiful day Lisa Olive Grove Prims