Wednesday, April 15, 2009

itty bitty babushka babes

i have been working away at a little something for my etsy shop.
these little ladies are so sweet, the smallest is around 6cm and the tallest is around 7cm. enjoy the photos.
hello little ladies...
each is individual
each backing fabric compliments the felt on the front
they come nestled in this sweet felt bag. here they are waiting for their next cocktail
they love all sorts of adventures i would love to hear you what you think of them....


  1. Aw, they are soooo sweet. They look like the best of friends !

  2. Hi sweet Rosey,
    Thanks for stopping by and visiting me.. Yes, it was all great fun, and I was a Happy Momma.. All my babies together.. My sis is married to Beau Bridges, are you familiar with him ?! how funny.. love to you my friend.. hugs ~tea~

  3. Rosey,
    What a crack up, I'll have to ask him about that.. He's usually in real sweet, kind of movies.. hahaha.. Okay, love to you, ~tea~xo

  4. Gorgeous Rosey ! I think they are so sweet ! well done xx

  5. Gorgeous!
    I'm surprised your girls are letting you sell them!
    Big ((hugs))
    Beki xxx

  6. Oh these are cute Rosey!! They look like they had a lovely photo shoot as well....perhaps they are friends with the fairies in your garden??? Great job!!
    Kiss Noises Linda

  7. Aw, they are just perfect, Rosey! I couldn't decide on a favourite; it's a good thing you are selling them as a group so that whomever buys these sweeties won't have to choose between them!

  8. They are so cute, your work is really progressing nicely. I love popping in to see what you've been creating. I think these lttle ones may be my faves so far, although I do love your birds too.

  9. Hi Rosey,
    Soooo Cute!!!
    Cheers Linda

  10. They are so cute, with very pretty faces, I made a fabric russian doll once, and couldn't get the face right! Yours look great well done :) X

  11. You really need to change your blog to "Can I ever sew!!!!" and create adorable things! Just too cute. I love the sleighride!

  12. Hi! I love these little dolls! I know everyone said they were cute, but I also have to say it: They are sooooo cute! And the last two pictures are amazing, with your comments on them. Seeing them like that, one can really imagine that they're waiting for a cocktail or having "all sorts of adventures". Thanks for sharing! These little sweeties lightened my day.