Saturday, April 4, 2009

sweet smelling birds and fairy hearts

i am super dooper lucky to have 3 great sisters (all older than me) whom i adore so very much. narelle will be 39 on the 8th of april and i thought, instead of the usual lotto or scratchie ticket we buy, i would make her something to keep forever. now i know that my hearts and birds are nothing spectacular and that any old fool with ten fingers could stitch their own, but everything i make is made with love and even more so this time as this present is for my gorgeous sister.
i added a hint of lavender to both of these softies, they are sure to freshen the room or cupboard.
if i could spend 'saint kevins' stimulus money ($900) any way i want, it would be on a digital SLR camera but alas we are going to be sensible and pay off the remaining $700 we owe on the air conditioner:( anyhoo here are some crappy photos of my lovelies.
this fabric really is spectacular...
however the camera work and lighting doesn't do it justice.
this is the reverse side, more fairies holding all sorts of flowers.
introducing ~Violette~
all of my birds come with a profile which gives you a hint of their personality.
here she is dreaming of those lollipops!! mmmm
another bad photo... bad lighting which doesn't show the real colours.
(remember if you see something you like on this blog and it isnt in the etsy shop just leave me a comment and i will get back to you. )
now i must tell you we have had some real fairy activity in our house and garden and as soon as i get the chance i shall post about it on my other blog ~agapanthas and goldsworthy~
big kisses for now mmmmwwwaaaahhhh goldsworthy


  1. Hello Aunty Rosey 'hehe'

    I somehow missed your last post so didn't see your gorgeous fabric. It really is lovely especially the fairy one. Me thinks I may be looking on ebay now lol!
    I love all your little makes you do and I can imagine how much love goes into them and the little profiles for your birds are adorable. Such a fab idea!
    Love and ((hugs))
    Beki xxx

  2. I think they're super cute! Don't put yourself down. You have your own unique style! If you want your birds to conquer the world it's a question of marketing. I can see you've used natural light in these photos - always a good thing! I've been trying to take good photos of some new books today, I have a good camera etc but it's super cloudy outside and without the natural light you can only do so much.
    Still, at least we HAVE natural light now - in winter we've only got daylight for about 4 hours / day!

  3. Rosey,
    How sweet these are !! If you're not the sweetest sister, to handmake pretties for your sis's special day !! They smell good too !! It will be much appreciated, and cherished for years to come.. Charming, and from the heart.. have an awesome day, and hugs to you... ~tea~

  4. Oh my these are just the sweetest little thangs!! I love the colors in them. How spring like! Nice job on the choices here.

  5. Awww Rosey, they are so beautiful!

  6. They are oh so pretty!
    Handmade gifts do mean so much.
    The profiles to me are what really make them so,so special!!!
    It is just the sweetest idea.
    You are one clever chooky!

  7. Hi,they are so pretty,and what lovely fabrics,gorgeous.