Friday, April 3, 2009

i knew i bought it for a reason....

you know when you see something and you just have to buy it without really knowing why... well the other day when i had a spare hour to kill and no kids, i went to my favourite little fabric place close to my house. as i meandered through every spool of fabric, as you do, i noticed a lovely collection of complimentary fabrics that i just had to have. in my mind i knew i wanted to make some more birds and hearts but i guess deep down my heart was leading me. do you want to know what i am talking about??? well, it is my gorgeous sister Narelle's birthday soon and she absolutely loves violets (and sweet peas)low and behold look at this fabric...
heart and bird pinned ready for stitching
a posy of violets
aren't they sweet and perfect for my sister.
and if that wasn't enough of a perfect coincidence look at the fairy fabric...
yes this little sweety is holding violets.
this fabric is so dear it has sparkles on it, i must use it on a softie of some kind. now my sister doesn't read my blogs so i can tell you that these two will be her present from me filled with some lavender. she can hang them in her cupboard or on her doorknob or anywhere really. i know she will love them.
if you want to purchase a bird or heart you can visit m etsy shop or order one direct by leaving a comment with a descrption of fabric colours etc...
ok off to stitch.
mmwwaaahh rosey


  1. Oh Rosey this is adorable fabric.Im sure your lucky sister will just love it.Beautiful colors and the fairy is so sweet.

  2. What good tast in fabric you have Rosey....I am thinking I have the same green with little violets, it is so sweet with just the right amount of upside down Spring colour!!
    Kiss Noises Linda Lilly C.

  3. OH WOW, that is the most magnificent material ever! Fairies!! Sparkles!!!!

    I am super late sending your something because I ran out of supplies. And next week there's Easter. But there will be something :)

  4. Adorable fabric! The paper clay was pretty easy. I did have to use the whole package but it stored in the fridge in a bag just great. Don't be afraid to dip your fingers in water and use a paintbrush with water to smooth it out, my first one was pretty lumpy. Good luck!

  5. Love the violets & fabric ... would love to see the sachets when you are done. Violets were the first flowers I ever received from my hubby.
    You are very talented. Have a great weekend.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  6. Aw, the fabric is beautiful!! I have been loving me some purple lately, as mom and I went looking through her stash the other day. Narelle will love the bird, I'm sure!

    Oh and thank you honey for the kisses, I would kiss you back but I don't want to make you sick too! Haha. I was hoping to take along the camera to make a video of B reading for you guys but mom has the camera now. So I will take the other camera and get some nice pics. Hehe, we love you, "Auntie Rosey!" xoxo

  7. Hi Rosey! Beautiful fabric! What a lovely gift for your sister! Thanks for coming to visit! Have a wonderful weekend!