Friday, April 10, 2009

neighbourly love

we have the nicest neighbours on all sides and across the road, in fact it is a lovely street and neighbourhood. last night i worked on something (will show you another time) but in my heart i knew i needed to put together a little something for the two sweet children across the road. i was busy this morning cleaning the house but once again it was on my mind to make something. wouldn't you know it the lady across the road beat me to it and i wasn't prepared to reciprocate even though my intention was there. anyhoo, after her seeing me in my Elmo pyjamas at 10am i ignored all distractions and made them each a little something.
for the little boy i made this chick finger puppet and a selection of real and decoration eggs.
and for the cutest little girl you have ever seen, i made a bunny finger puppet and a selection of chocolate and decoration eggs.
i also put together a little treat for mum and dad. even though we only have a short chat once a week i seem to have formed a good bond with this neighbour and hope to have her come in for coffee one day soon.
it was so sweet of them to give our children something, they were very generous and it has been a challenge for Claudia not to eat them!!!
%*_*% rosey


  1. Ooohh Rosey.. Sweet.. LOVE the lil' puppets.. The candy is in such great colors.. I LOVE all the Easter colors, and candy, and decorations... Must I go on.. Wonderful time of year.. Always so beautiful.. So wonderful that you have such a giving heart too.. Those children will love their Easter surprises from sweet you !! Blessings for a wonderful week-end.. hugs ~tea~

  2. I bet the little ones love their little gifts, so sweet and so kind of you.
    Take care
    Big ((hugs))
    Beki xxx

  3. Aw, how nice to exchange Easter treats with the neighbour kids. Your finger puppets are so cute!

  4. Oh they are just gorgeous.
    I agree the little girl is just so cute. What a lovely neighbour you are x

  5. The little bunny puppet is adorable! :)