Monday, April 13, 2009

children stitching and spending

Easter has been so relaxing and..... WET!! it seems to have rained here every day for the past 3 weeks. the last two weeks of school were wet and this Easter long weekend has been dotted with rain. today is an absolute downpour, so while the baby has been napping the girls continued stitching.
we gave this little kit to Mia for her birthday and every now and then the girls do a little more to their softies. i have had to do little as the stitching has been so easy but the next step calls for blanket stitch so if they don't get the hang of it i will have to help them out.
lili chose to make the dog great stitching for a 7 year old don't you think? Mia chose to make a bear. i have helped her a bit but it didn't take her long to get the idea. and with easy instructions even i could make one...
i will post some photos of the finished products.
Saturday's weather was a bit kinder, just the odd shower here and there. we managed to head out to our most favourite shop in the world lilly cottage for a spot of birthday money spending. lili still had a bit left over from January and she chose to buy these. the lovely linda gave her an extra wall hanging, she is very generous and loving to my girls.
hand made by linda not sure what we will do with these but they look pretty by themselves. and Mia spent some of her birthday money on a button wrist band (very pretty) and a huge pink diamond (glass but don't tell Mia) and some little treasures... not sure what the brown bits on the doll are ???
i even managed to buy something for myself. this lovely pin cushion.. wont i have fun putting pins in her, i wont tell you who i will be thinking of when i poke them in!!
ok off to enjoy a cuppa while listening to the rain
%*_*% rosey


  1. Oh that book looks like fun, I might need that one, where did you get it, my kids would love it. Your softies look lovely, great stitching girls!!
    I love the rain today it is so restful.
    Biggest Kiss Noises Linda

  2. What wonderfull clever girls you have! I don't think it will be long untill they have their own blog 'hehe' and that book looks fab. Please tell me I can order it online and that you didn't get it in a local shop as I think that would be a great birthday pressie for Jess.
    Loving the little wall hangings too!
    Love and hugs
    Beki xxx

  3. i ordered the book from the childrens school book drive. ashtons scholastic is the name of the company that we order through. it really is a good little kit.