Tuesday, April 14, 2009

introducing dizzy daisy and mister winston

as i predicted blanket stitch was a bit tricky, although lili gave it a good go. i spent an hour sewing while mick helped them stuff filling into each tiny space. i think the fill i have is too soft as it doesn't want to go into the really small spaces. anyhow the end product is two very colourful characters and one holiday project complete (now i might get some peace).
miss daisy is the purple bear and Winston is the orange dog.
this is the reverse side. the girls chose the colours, the kit came with a few bits and pieces but i think the blue is from my stash.
Mia now the proud owner of daisy.
lili just loves Mr Winston and she really is getting quite good at stitching.
as i watch my girls stitch i cant help but wonder if my mother had time for such things when her first 3 children were the age mine are now. i must ask my eldest sister melissa if she remembers doing any such thing with our mother. if my sister Anita reads this she might like to answer too. and as i near the age of her death (39.. i am 37) it is with a heavy heart that i realise what i missed out on, our second mother certainly didn't engage us in any sort of crafty activities that i can remember. oh well i guess my girls will be able to pass some skills and memories onto their children one day.
i am really excited about a little something i stitched up last night but i don't want to reveal her until i have enough for my etsy shop. i really want to do it right this time with quantity, price, photography etc.... any tips are always really appreciated.
big chocolaty smooches %*_*%


  1. They are beautiful creations as usual aunty Rosey.

    I think about grandma a lot too. I think she would have done lots of crafty things with you if she could have.


  2. Super sweet softies! Love the colours.

  3. Well done Mia and Lily !! Very cute and you are both so clever ! xx
    Love Mir x

  4. Very cute! How lucky are they! My daughter sits playing with my fabric scraps for hours, using sticky tape to hold them together! It's so cute though.
    Best wishes,

  5. They are so cute Rosey! I love Mr. Winston, LOL.Looks like the girls are very proud.Im so sorry to hear your mom passing so young.It must of been rough, considering seems like you have lots of sisters.God Bless her.

  6. How sweet! I'm glad the girls are so interested in crafting.