Friday, April 24, 2009

new additions

i have been very lucky in the last few weeks to be on the receiving end of 'just because' parcels and Pay It Forward sets and since starting this blog i have won 2 give aways and taken part in a swap. our study is slowly becoming a space for all of my blog treasures. i finally put up some post cards i won from vanessa at a fanciful twist and i added some lovely photographic art from maria-therese at afiori. the wall is really coming along, i have plans to make a second inspiration board out of fabric and ribbon so that i dont have to put pins in my photos. i still have some wonderful stained glass hearts to hang which i received from kimberly at seashells and silver during our valentines day swap. and when i finish my flutterby stitchery from clare at clare's craftroom it will be a special feature on the wall. i love this space now as i spend at least an hour each day here in the study. it is nice to be surrounded by so much creativity and generosity!
here it is with the new additions.
the larger post cards are from vanessa and the tiny exquisite photo is from maria-therese.
click on it to make it larger.
the lovely Polaroid from maria-therese.
head over to my other blog to read all about the PIF parcel i received from afiori. if you don't, at least visit those girls i have linked to here in this blog, you wont be disappointed.
have a great weekend!
%*_*% rosey


  1. It all looks terrific!!!! I love it!!!!
    ♥ Teresa

  2. Loving the postcards! Very chic!!

    Yes yes very lucky indeed!
    Have a great weekend to you and the girls too!
    ..oops and their daddy! (I always seem to forgot saying hello to the husband, blinded by the 3 graceful looking little girls..please excuse my ignorance ;))

  3. Hi Rosey,
    Your inspiration wall looks divine !! How wonderful to win a give-away, and your swaps..are soo sweet.. from one creative, sweet hand to another.. Always fun to stop and visit you.. Hoping you have a wonderful, fun week-end.. Blessings to you and yours..hugs ~~tea~~

  4. You have been lucky alright.
    I have never had a Just because,But I have been rather lucky with Giveaways,And am sooo excited by every detail of what people send.
    You know the wrapping,the cards...

    Your special space will become a walk down memeory lane room....
    Just lovely!

  5. How cute!!! Wow, to be in such great company as well!

    ♥ maria-thérèse

  6. What a lovely inspiration wall!
    All my bloggy cards are on a wire heart memo board but i'm running out of room so will need to think of something else soon.
    Love and ((hugs))
    Beki xxx

  7. thank you for your lovely comments and for the beckis! :D :D

    I hope you will make the little separate matryoshka dolls soon, I love love the one with the little open mouth especially!!! :o :D :D